Joystiq impressions: Heavenly Sword

No, it's not Goddess of War. Many have been quick to pass this game as "God of War with a chick." Although being compared to one of the best action games of the last console generation is far from an insult, it does take away from the qualities of Heavenly Sword that make it so unique.

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CrazzyMan5430d ago

sweet! =)
And Warhawk, and LBP, and Uncharted, and Ratchet, and Lair, and Folklore(?), and GT5 Prologue... so many exclusive system sellers this year on ps3, cool! =)
also Killzone 2 MP beta later this year...
great days for gamers are coming! =]

p.s. anyone to help return my 4th bubble back? thnx. =)

sony fan5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

LOL, they are so desperate to say this is not GOW, I know lets just say it is not, then people won't think it is. The sony camp is just plain ignorant, The state of gaming news is pathetic. And fan-boy writers should all be fired, but in the gaming industry the "news" is as biased as can be with specific articles written under the guise of news just to try and argue with opposing fan boys.

@ andy below, are you talking about my PS3? This game is not even on my list of PS3 games to get, there are so many better games this this crap. Can you not afford both consloes? It really is the way to go.

@ andy even further below, because sony fan-boys are the most fun to pick on for laughs, 360 owners are not as defensive about their machines because they know it is good because they have had good games and they paid less. But sony fans are all about defending their expensive machines which have worse games than the 360 at least for now. Look at how funny your reaction is, you can't get this from 360 fans wihtout a lot more work.

LOL EZ, thats what I'm talking about, post like yours are just hilarious. AGAIN, I HATE FPS because they are all remakes and restrictive I WOULD NOT PLAY HALO 3 IF SOMEONE GAVE IT TO ME. THE WRATH OF THE PS3 fan-boys LOL bring it on dumbass.
You just can't get these funny commments from other fan-boys. Also for all my fans, I will be updating my profile soon with more detail and facts about the consoles.

I don't think I will spoil this game for anyone, I ust think there are a loy better PS3 games than this.

I think that people should be more focused on what I said about the news in the industry, I do like to show fan-boys how retarded they are, this is why I lead by exapmle, most people should ignore my dumbass comments but the real fan-boys like those arguing with me are always good to expose as idiots. I think Gamers should demand better news. This is an actual important conversation witch we should all be having. The news in this industry is taking a serious decline in quality with all kinds of pointless articles with titles to catch peoples attention. I think we should rise as a ommunity and demand more fair, unbiased news with actual news in it. Like the article, "what I would do if I ran MS" Does anyone care what I would do If I ran MS? This is not news.

@ EZ I only have a couple PS3 games which I don't play online, I don;t want to get a virus from the out of control network they have. I don;t list my 360 gamertag because I like to bash the 360 if I see MS fan-boys acting retarded and I don't want negative feedback on my gamertag.

LOL EX, my goal is to make this as un-fun tor you as your dumb(but) fan-boy remarks make it for others, and I am very good at it because you can only talk about me. My comments are never at specific people, but you ignaorant fan-boys gotta take it personal thats only when I talk to individuals. I tried being just positve in here and you people ruined it, nobody learned anything and wisdom was not contagious, fan-boys do not listen to reason, all you can do is make them pissed off the same way and let them deal with it. I think most what I post is funny, if you want to read some crazy funny stuff check out my list of comments in my bio.

EZCheez5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

If I were to use your logic and categorize this game, then I could just say that every FPS is like Wolfenstein, but we both know that's not true don't we?

Also, I couldn't help but notice you never answered my question from a previous thread about your gamertag list. I refuse to believe that someone who owned a PS3 would use all of his spare space to include negative information about the PS3. I find it even more puzzling that the only space you don't use is your 360 gamertag space. I don't know what you're trying to do here, but if you keep posting on threads like these, then expect the wrath of the PS3 fans to fall upon you, starting with me.

Has anyone else looked at this guys bio?

He is nothing more than SPAM.

EDIT-Are you ever going to answer my question? I must have annoyed you or you wouldn't have felt the need to use a derogatory comment to answer me. Who's getting to who?

I will remind you of an article that was posted on here not so long ago, and it was about how to recognize a fanboy

Way #6- They hate fanboys.

Violater5430d ago

One thing is for sure there is no way you can spoil this game for Any PS3 owner on this site.
Troll along it will get you nowhere fast.

EZCheez5430d ago

Why are you so hell-bent on "bashing" owners of a console when they sound like idiots? Rather than add to the ignorant comments (which you have been doing up to this point, don't deny it) why don't you use your intelligence to say something......I don't know......intelligent? Wisdom can be contagious, and you are not spreading it at all.

Maddens Raiders5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

I have never ignored anyone on this site. Ever. Congratulations sir, for you are my first. I think that speaks volumes considering the motley crue here at N4G. Again, congratulations.

Good Day

popup5429d ago

Sorry that everyone is replying to someone else CrazzyMan.

You have to admit though, if there was space in a dictionary to squeeze Sony fans comment as a definition under the word 'Spastic'.....

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Loudninja5430d ago

Nice to see more Sony fans :)

AnDy FrOm MiAmi5430d ago

Sony fany please stop bieng such a prick and go post somewere else I guess your just pissed of because you just realized you bought a piece of sh!t that doesnt work, overheats, scratches disks, and is extremely loud, good luck with your time bomb!

Shaka2K65430d ago

Im on the Ninja Theory Forums checking when will they release the new demo for the game.
hell yeah Nariko rocks!

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