Apple Lost Another 4th Generation iPhone? New Photos of Prototype iPhone Including Teardown

Arnold Kim of MacRumors writes:

"We're not sure why Apple is having such a hard time holding on to these next generation iPhones, but a Vietnamese forum has posted more photos (cached) of the previously leaked 4th generation iPhone. They've posted a large gallery of shots making it clear that they have a unit in their possession. There seems to be little new information posted, though the individual who submitted the link to us stated a Vietnamese businessman had bought it in the U.S. together with an iPad.

There are a few interesting aspects to these images that were not seen in the original leak. The case design is identical, but notably, the back shows that this is a 16GB model. The previous leak showed "XXGB" written on the back."

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Hanif-8764880d ago

It looks good but i hope that the back isn't a scratch magnet. Also, i just have to say design wise the first generation iPhone is the best :-)

booni34880d ago

One of these days, apple employees will become responsible. One of these days.

Jdoki4880d ago

Oooh, "lost" another 4G iPhone did you Mr Jobs!

I think this is that is much more likely to be intentional leaks.


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