Warhawk battle Video

Here's some truly exhilirating action from PS3 launch title Warhawk.

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TheMART5407d ago

mmhhhhh isn't it the same movie we saw back some time?

Well it's a flying game and shooting in it. Still seems like a last gen game to me except for the water effects probably. But the clouds. Well. I don't know

andy capps5407d ago

Is this part of the same gameplay videos from E3? I mean I think the game looks great, but it seems WAY too simple. Fly around, shoot bunches of planes that blow up easily, no other planes shoot at you, repeat. Maybe they hadn't integrated the opponents shooting back yet, but the gameplay seems too simple. Hopefully new gameplay builds will show it to be more advanced.

General5407d ago

This is OLD Gameplay, It will look WAY better than this on release, Trust me.

AIan5407d ago

LOL love it... "TRUST ME".... It will look just like this.... its good looking just looks boring.

Dustin_c_miller20085407d ago

i dont like usually posting comments. but some of you dont seem to realize this isnt just a flying combat game. this has ground combat also. you can get into tanks and a bunch of other stuff.

Scythesean5407d ago

You do know you can land and get out of the plane at any time and battle on the ground. They showed a video of that, they have planes attacking with people running around.

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The story is too old to be commented.