Heavenly Sword Demo Completed and Ready for Release

Chief Technology Developer Ninja Mikey of Ninja Theory has posted his thoughts of E3 on the Official Ninja Theory forum. And with it one final thought on the Heavenly Sword demo:

"Well, let me just tell you all that the dev team has finished work on the demo.. that's it... it's in the bag... so now it's a case of Sony deciding when they feel is the best time to release it to PlayStation Network."

Plus for the complete game: "The Ninja team is now in the closing stage of development. We are quite literally fixing bugs and then it's done."

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AznSniper5427d ago

i can't wait for this demo

sony fan5427d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

I poke a lot of fun at sony fan-boys, but when it comes to this game, I really can't understand why people think this is anything more than an average game at best. I am open to hearing your reasoning, I've never played the game so I am only stating opinion. But it seems like this game is just SOOOO overdone and SOOO repetetive and boring. Games like LITTLE BIG PLANET are SOOOO much better than this. LBP has innovation, new gameplay and interesting aspects, but this HS game is just all old stuff. What about this game makes people want to play it? These kind of shallow hack and slash games seem to be ripping gamers off.

I see what your saying deep, but it seems really easy these days to put good cut-scenes in a game. I think gamers should be more focused on gameplay rather than character acting although nobody likes poor acting in games, and the story MAY be compelling, but is the story part of the game, like say Mass Effect, or is the story just cut-scenes? And animations thrown in as moves is a good trick for this gen, but still not real gameplay. I guess if the different modes of attack and their attempt at more in-depth hack and slash really does deflect the repetetivness then it could be a succsess, but only those who play the game can judge that.

@ bishop, I hate FPS, I think HALo and deatharea suck because FPS are so restricting. I can't believe the biggest games from sony have been FPS, resistance and now deatharea. PS fans used to say the xbox was just an FPS player, I'm glad the best games on the xbox are RPG's with oblivion last year, (PS has it this year) and I think Mass Effect is their best game this year, although gears did really well in the general community

Hey, you had a pretty much non fan-boy response, good for you. I must say it is funny that you are the first one to say something logical and not start flaming in any forum I have posted so far. According to you the game will try to be a more comprehensive action game than I have see, but I have not heard of some of the counter attacks and stuff, so maybe there is more to it, I'll check out the final version and see if it's worth picking up.

techie5427d ago

That's because it's not just hack and slash...You've got some of the best performances in a game, compelling storyline, incredible graphics, two characters to play have - one without anything to hack and slah with. Immense animation, with super moves, and a wide ranging combat system which eclipses many before it. Fighting against armies of 1000's...really what is there not to like?


This just don't make any sense...

Have you looked at E3? Most of the games are shooters... Halo 3, KillZone 2, Haze, COD4, Blacksite Area 51, Metroid Prime 3, SOCOM, UT3... Have you noticed the last big tittles of two years? The lists goes on, almost all with T/FPS... Why nobody is complining that Halo 3, KillZone 2 or Metroid Prime 3 is just more shooters?

Don't matter if this is a GOW-like game. Matter if this is good, and for what we have see 'till now... Just bring it on, Sony!

icechai5426d ago

Hack and slash this game is not. Using that word to define the action genre is basically saying all you need to do is button mash to get your way through the game, or use two or 3 combos like in God of War. What all the previews and magazines are saying is this game takes that standard action model and takes it to another level. Most action games have a blocking mechanism of some sort, but Heavenly Sword seems to have a variety of counters on top of that, and using them is encouraged to build up devastating special moves. There are also apparently more combos than other action games, a LOT more... not just that, which ones you use will largely depend on how your enemy attacks you and which stances they use. Couple that with great animation, graphics, acting, and cinematic style camera, and you have an evolution of the action game (and you must admit, there is a huge number of people who love even mediocre action games [Dynasty Warrior series]). Average game? From all accounts, no, it is beyond "average."

i Shank u5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

hahaha love how you call it deatharea stead' of killzone hahah thats some funny $hit man you can have my super serial + bubble vote for that ( you probably have so many -votes it wont do jack)

peksi5426d ago

What "sony fan" is talking about is simply a matter of taste.

Sony fan, if you've managed to avoid this advice let me be the one to say it to you: never debate about matters of taste. I for example don't care a squat about FPS games but majority does - so let them :)

felidae5426d ago

they've (Joystiq) already said, that it's not like God of War with a chick. it's unique.

ShAkKa5426d ago

is all a matter of taste. me for example i don`t like final fantasy(or any rpg)but would i like it not to come to ps3 exclusively? hell-o-noo im not a big fan of metal gear also but im extremely happy that it`s exclusive to ps3. the reason?well they are sistem sellers,so while i don`t like those games,the more ps3 sony sells because of those games the greater chance of other games that i may like will come to the sistem because of the bigger installed base.

nasim5426d ago

this game has killed x360 with cartoony games like ME and Halo 3

pliskin11285426d ago

I used to own a 360, but I am saving for an elite right now. I own, currently, a PS3 and a Wii. I think that all the systems are compelling for different reasons.

With regard to the PS3 and what you think of Heavenly Sword, I agree as well: it may just be average, but...

We don't know enough about it yet to write it off as just another formulaic hack and slash romp.

I remember a little game called God of War, which barely made a whimper on anyone's radar until after it had been reviewed, and we all know the dreadnought it became post release.

What I am saying is that all the games that Sony has poised, currently, as big guns, have the potential to make that kind of impact. For those of us who are anticipating that moment when our 600 dollar investment is justified, the time cannot come fast enough, and games like Lair, Uncharted, Little-Big Planet, Ratchet and Clank, and - yes, even Heavenly Sword - just may be the games to do it.

Heavenly Sword might have all the elements of a classic: Story, character development, excellent scripting and voice acting... and game play, of course. Either way we cannot know until the game is reviewed, and even then, for some it may be the end all, for others: could be nothing special. I for one don't care much for the hallowed Halo series. I thought the first one was good for multi player, but left much to be desired with regard to the single player experience. But there are a whole lot of people who think otherwise... and who knows. Halo 3 just may be the game that convinces me that there is value to the franchise, just as Heavenly Sword may prove to you that there is great value to the forthcoming PS3 library...

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kingofps35427d ago

Drop it this Thursday. Now, that would be awesome.

AnDy FrOm MiAmi5427d ago

I was waiting for this demo better get my ps3 next week!

This is the reason I threw my crapbox 180 away! XD

i Shank u5426d ago

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BigBouncyNoobies5427d ago

Nice. I really hope they have a nude scene in this game.

ElementX5426d ago

Yeah a nice thick..... <ahem>