Is There Still Room For Crackdown 2?

The original Crackdown was one of the first tastes that gamers got this generation of what a modern open world game could do. It followed only 2006’s Saints Row and Oblivion as major sandbox experiences, and was praised for innovations in online co-op. The game gained considerable exposure in part from its early release this generation - February 2007 wasn’t the busiest time for game releases - and the Halo 3 beta code didn’t hurt. That being said, Crackdown by all accounts was a very solid game. From the mind of David Jones, one of the creators of Grand Theft Auto, the design emphasized freedom to experiment, and above all fun. A little over three years later, the environment in the gaming industry has changed significantly, Crackdown 2 now faces competition from all sides and doesn’t have the beta bonus. Will it be as successful as its predecessor?

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jammers3267d ago

Crackdown didn't even need that beta bonus. Sure it helped sales, but it totally stands on its own. Crackdown 2 will just take the insane sandbox action to a new level.

Hank Hill3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

There's always room for a good game. I don't think Crackdown 2 can sell on it's own though especially if Mass Effect 2 only sold 890k on the Xbox. Microsoft would be smart to include a Gears 3 beta with Crackdown 2.

ABizzel13267d ago

To me Crackdown did so good back then because it was still early in the console generation. Crackdown was fun until you become super cop then it's boring, but then I don't really dig deep into Sandbox games.

I think Crackdown 2 will easily sell 1 million copies making it a success once again, but hopefully the gameplay is more diverse this go round (I like the gliding ability, and the new enemies). Also the graphics could use some reworking (animations in the first game were stiff) I like the comic book look, but they could be much better.

Look @ 0:33 = Ugly.

I'm not saying Crackdown 2 will be a bad game, but a lot has changed since the first game came out, so Crackdown 2 needs to catch up with the pack.