Batman: Arkham Asylum Now In 3D

Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition releases this week according to Warner Bros. But most online retailers currently list this expanded package as back ordered or not coming for another week or two.

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sam22363906d ago

How the hell did this get approved?! The game has been out for over a while now. Hell, I have it sitting on my shelf!

Game Informer fails yet again.

SprSynJn3905d ago

Game of the Year Edition, not standard edition.

You fail yet again.

sam22363905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

I was talking about the GOTY edition, which has been out in Europe for a while now, not the standard edition.

Do some research before you comment, you inbred retard.

SprSynJn3902d ago

Read. If you are unable to read it, then I will inform you. Release date: May 11, 2010.

I suggest the same advice to you, without the childish insult. Do some research before you post.

sam22363905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

What the hell is wrong with N4G?!! Stupid edit thing!

Blackmoses3904d ago

I've admittedly held out from getting this game. Loved the demo but it never propelled me to go get the full game. I guess I have no real excuse now. It was between this and Lost Planet 1 & 2 but I hear neither of those games have rated very well... oh well....I am Batman!!!