Nine new screens for Project Rygar on the Wii

The big bad beat down known as Project Rygar is coming to the Wii courtesy Tecmo. This game is the sequel to the game Rygar: The Legendary Adventure which was released on PS2 last 2002.

These screenshots show off this barbarian-like character (Rygar perhaps?) wielding a weapon called Diskarmor. Diskarmor is essentially a shield with a chain attached to it, thus extending the range of your character's attack radius quite a lot. was rather impressed by the variety of moves being show off, and the enemies that you will have to face. Make no mistake about it, this game is shaping up to have some really good graphics.

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Bloodmask4111d ago

Tecmo is one of the industrys greatest developers.

I am glad this is going to be a sequal. I read elsewhere that it was going to be a port of the PS2 game which I thought would suck.

Glad to see Team Ninja giving the Wii some love.

ITR4111d ago

I'm glad to see this game from Tecmco. Bring on Tecmco Football 08!

Shaka2K64111d ago

Welcome to 1999.

ShadoWulf4111d ago

...Are you sure it wasn't the 2002 before that?

Anyways, looks interesting. That weapon with the shield and chain sounds fun. I'm kinda tired of the sword-shield combo.

ReBurn4111d ago

I hope they can make this as much fun. And it doesn't look too bad, considering it is on the Wii.

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