Top 5 opening sequences

Five of the best introductory sections ever seen in games.

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tdogchristy903263d ago

opening sequence for someone like me who loves story in games truely was awsome. It's just too bad mw2 couldn't continue on this amazing opening.

Venatus-Deus3263d ago

What a terrible list! These 5 are the best in the history of video games? *Faceplam*

caseh3263d ago


Reibooi3263d ago

Yeah horrid list.

They choose the opening for the first Onimusha when the 3rd games opening sequence to this day is still jaw dropping.

Seriously crap list.

Ahmay3263d ago

and Jean Reno ftw.. in Onimusha 3...

gunnerforlife3263d ago

DMC3 opening sequence was just madness :)

ThdeGreatestOne3263d ago

" its own right Call Of Duty 4 still had some of the best storytelling moments in any game ever..."

What a shallow commnent, this guy must have some seriously low standards for video game storytelling. There are tons more games that have a better storyline than CoD4. But I gotta admit, that game was super fun when I played it.=D

BattleAxe3263d ago

The list was made by a ten year old kid.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3263d ago

WTF? Onimusha's opening better than Onimusha 3's? This is more like a list of the only 5 games the author has played rather than the 5 best openings. What about Bioshock's opening? Or MGS4's? Or FFX's?

The only ones i agree with are CoD4 and maybe LBP. The rest were mediocre.

TheoreticalParticle3263d ago

Another kid who's been playing video games for like 3 years decides to make up a "Best List of All Time". Look, child, next time you decide to clutter up the internet with this bullshit, save yourself some hate mail and name the list "Best X of the Last 5 Years". That way you don't have to toss in some game into the list that you've only heard about.

In REAL best intros of all time news, the intro to MechWarrior 2 is still amazing, even today.

mal_tez923263d ago

The First level of GoW 3 was pretty awesome.

Too bad the combat was boring.

JoySticksFTW3262d ago


No MGS4 "War has changed..."?

No inFamous "Start button" explosion?


Danteh3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )


I mean where is Bioshock, Metal Gear Solid 4, Devil May Cry, God of War 3, hell even the classic Zelda OoT opening with navi?

lol this guy must be 12 years old

Millah3262d ago

I wish I could slap whoever made this list.

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Mikelarry3263d ago

have got to agree. zakhaev "our so called leaders" still sends shivers down my spine when i watch that intro you could feel the emotion in the voice great voice acting, great intro

Timesplitter143263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Did you just imply that COD4 has a good story in any shape or form? Generally, people who like good stories play MGS, Deus Ex, Bioshock, Bioware games, etc... and not Generic Terrorist Shootan 4

I really don't get why people thought COD4's opening was amazing. Evil one-dimensional terrorists execute a person. That's it. Don't tell me it's "deep" just because you see it from the guy's eyes. As if no one ever thought about what it would be like before.

Also, Guitar Hero? What?

SuperMassiveGav3263d ago

People who play good stories play MGS… hehehee! Funny guy.

Danteh3262d ago

the fact that you don't understand the story cause ur IQ isn't high enough doesn't mean it's not one of the best stories EVAR

Perjoss3263d ago

and Half Life is where?

topdawg1223262d ago

Agree on Onimusha 3 having an amazing opening sequence, but I though 2's was a little better and more emotional.

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Games4M - Rob3263d ago

I would have had any of the MGS games and Final Fantasy Games in that list.

MGS2 intro and FF 8 both had epic intro's

KiRBY30003263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

every MGS had super mega epic intros, especially the first game which lets you play with a mask for a few minutes only to get to that epic title screen in the elevator while snake strips little by little, so badass!

FF8 CG intro was shockingly good. i used to put the 1st cd and start the game only to watch the intro every now and then.

wtf is a guitar hero game doing on a top opening sequences list, seriously!

this gen the best intros i have seen are:
*Dead Space, superb space scenery before your eyes, as your comrades are talking you can see the huge abandonned ship slowly getting closer to you, then after a shaky and noisy landing here you go making your first steps in the "quiet" USG Ishimura, surrounded by silence.

*LBP, controlling sackboy for the first time, waving his hands and making crazy faces, running to the intro level with all the devs faces and that old guy warm voice explaining the gameplay basics with a funny tone, pure fun.

*Uncharted 2, train sequence = epic start

*GOW3, you're on the back of a titan, kicking dozens of skeleton's butts, only to be attacked by a liquid scorpio-spider horse. talk about epicness...

BYE3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

MGS2 was good, but in my opinion the MGS3 intro was way better.

mal_tez923263d ago

I'm still in a dream.....

KiRBY30003263d ago

MGS2 intro is a huge remake of MGS1 intro. masked hero, sneaks in underwater, take the elevator and title screen. freakin awesome!

Nicaragua3262d ago

Errrrrr no.

MGS 2 intro was Snake running down a bridge in the rain wearing a stealth cloak, then bungie jumping onto the tanker.

Millah3262d ago

Too bad that wasn't actually the games opening.....lmao. I assume you're talking about Raidens opening sequence, which wasn't technically an opening sequence since it was several hours into the game.

KiRBY30003261d ago

well yeah, i was obviously talking about raiden.

the whole thing on the tanker is more of a prelude. the real game starts on big shell.

heroicjanitor3263d ago

Best opening in recent memory by a mile

NeoBasch3263d ago

I thought inFamous had a pretty good one too. All those cars and stuff blowing up around you, charging Cole's body. EPIC

Salty3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

That is a game that had a great opening. Start off as a simple bike messenger, end as my favorite new super hero.

This list is pretty bad, but it is this guy's opinion, though i'm sure that there a couple of games he thought of later on that could be substituted for Guitar Hero lol

ravinash3263d ago

That opening grabbed you by the ears and kneed you in the face.
It sets the tone for what would be hours of awesome gaming time.

moegooner883263d ago

KillZone 2 had one of the best opening sequences of all time !

Convas3263d ago

but you failed on the delivery.

Venatus-Deus3263d ago

everyones a critic... :-)

Inside_out3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Gears of war...Emergence day....blew me gen is here...

Halo 1...The legend begins....

Bioshock 1....WOW....easily one of the best looking games ever...splicer anyone...

RE4...yes, the masterpiece.....I'll never forget the first ten minutes of this game....UNTOUCHABLE...

KZ2....WOW...the opening CGI was breathtaking....the opening of the best all time....

Splinter Cell Conviction...the whole opening with the RTE..."ooking for me ...A$$ and running....

Half-life....rated as one of the best FPS, if not the best all time....for good reason.... Aliens the movie...

Farcry 1 and 2...set the mood perfectly.....

Metro 2033....awesome game...only a couple hrs in....great atmosphere...

Uncharted 2 train did we end up

DelbertGrady3262d ago

I thought of Bioshock as well. The water sequence after the plane crash was breathtaking.

GTA 3 had a great opening as well.

And Final Fantasy VII. If you call the part before you climb the city walls the opening :)

fOrlOnhOpe573263d ago

for sure - and Killzone on the PS2 was pretty good also. I'm expecting GG to rattle my window panes with Kz3 (apology notes to the neighbours already written lol)

stevenhiggster3263d ago

Killzone 2's was indeed epic.
That list is complete FAIL, i don't really agree with any of those! COD 4 is the only one even close.

Digitaldude3262d ago

I'm sorry clizz, but GOW3 had one of the best openings of all time.

That better?

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hamoor3263d ago

yep thats was one of the most epic,thrilling,amazing opening sequence EVAR!!!

Cryptech3263d ago

Bioshock opening was copied from Half-Life 1.

hmmmm3263d ago

ahh yes..i remember how the plane crashed into the black mesa facility causing that old rift in dimensions..

SuperMassiveGav3263d ago

He just means the way you get introduced to the setting via a little train car ride.