Peter Moore Justifying Xbox360 Warranty

You know the drill, we gave Peter Moore 30 seconds to justify the Xbox 360's new and improved Red Ring Warranty.

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MK_Red5431d ago

I like these series of short interviews asking questions from Ken's retirement to MGS4 on 360 rumor to this. And Peter Moore has nice and cool answers for all of them but this one... I'm not sure but who knows?

Daxx5431d ago

Well said Peter Moore, quick and to the point.

Rhezin5431d ago

ya, but I'm buying the halo 3 360 this fall regardless, it'll definately have hdmi, and the 65nm chip to make it run cooler and quieter. Then I'll just use the one I have now for back-up or for the living room. I don't care Microsoft has kickass games and really DOES care about their consumer when it comes to games. 50 mil on exclusive content? not to mention all the exclusives they got from sony's precious list.

ALI G5431d ago (Edited 5431d ago )

even without warranty i still will go for the 360 this holiday season
premium system+core systems(backup)=379£ < 380£ ps3

by new year

Blue Dragon(exc), Bioshock(exc), Halo3(exc), GTA4, PGR 4(exc), lost odessy(exc), Mass effect(exc), splinter cell convection(exc), Ace Combat 6(exc), Two Worlds(exc), XboxLive =arcades +movie download service SD&HD , IPTV (exc), Pro evolution 7, Devil May Cry 4 madden, Stranglehold ,, Burnout Paradise(with the true force feedback wh),Mercenaries 2, Call of Duty 4, Assassins Creed, Army of Two, Rock Band AND DO NOT FORGET Beautiful Katamari(exc),

in addition to the huge library of games e.g: gears of war(exc),forza 2(exc),dead rising(exc), saint raw(exc),C&C3(exc),obvilio n,GRAW2,R6V,Overlord(exc),Guit ar Hero II, LIVE ARCADES,viva

what is nice that while sitting in your home with the family in christmas eve you still can get new quality things ,wide range , Arcade+movies over the reliable xboxlive without leaving the house and missing these amazing moments.
i am in love with xbox

bIadestar5431d ago

More conver ups
lies i tell you lies show how much they care about there customers, recall and put the 65nm chips in sorted coz in the end of the day nearly all of them are gona get the rrod wont that speed up the process recalling? insted of waiting for it to happen

fanboy dont kid your self saying iv had myn for a year its fine because it will happen just not yet soon...

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The story is too old to be commented.