The Best Game of E3 2007

The Best Game of E3. The top award. What will it be? What console will it be on? Will it even be an exclusive?

watch this video to find out G4's pick for Best Game of E3.

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the_round_peg4140d ago

One for Xbox 360.

One for PS3.

One for everything.

deepujatt20054140d ago

common COD4 even helo is btter than that..

Rhezin4140d ago

and all we've seen is 360 footage too, and it looks awesome! exclusive beta too this is gonna be awesome.

Bloodmask4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

The graphics look phenominal and Infinity Ward pretty much reinvented it. They ditched the WW2 setting.

Glad to see Mass Effect at least get a nomination, Bioware is underrated in my opinion.

Xi4140d ago


probably 3 of the best developers to date.



MASS EFFFECT will *DESTROY* Killzone2, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword & Lair all by itself, while HALO 3 rakes in more sales than ALL 4 of those PS3 games combined. Watch & Learn. Even though graphics DO NOT make a game, MASS EFFECT is going to look incredible, especially considering the sheer size of this game on a Blura... oh, excuse me, I mean DVD9 disc.

Hell, I think COD4 & even BIOSHOCK will easily be a better games than Killzone, & BIOSHOCK comes out next month ! It has better graphics, touts gameplay we have ACTUALLY SEEN, & is a much more original idea.

IMHO, the best games coming are:

1. MASS EFFECT (Did someone say KOTOR in HD ?)
2. COD4 (looks absolutely incredible with proven gameplay)
3. HALO 3 (proven franchise that will sell millions)
4. BIOSHOCK (originality & sick graphics)
5. ASSASSIAN'S CREED (looks ubercool !)
6. GRAND THEFT IV ('nuff said.)
7. DRAKE'S FORTUNE (write it down,could be the best game for PS3 in 2008 or 2009)
8. METAL GEAR 4 (will we ever see actual gameplay footage ?)
9. DARK SECTOR (has alot of potential)
10. TOO HUMAN (I have high hopes for online co-op & gameplay)

I'll take either of my least favorite games, TOO HUMAN OR DARK SECTOR over Heavenly Sword AND Lair ! Let's see ... 8 of 10 games on 360, 6 of 10 B4 Christmas 2007 .... Wow, how long are you Sony fans going to keep saying KILLZONE 2 is the greatest game you've NEVER played & won't be playing anytime soon ? My dusty copy of GEARS OF WAR PWNS KILLZONE !!

And yes, it does matter who makes the game. Why ? Because great gaming companies put out great games while mediocre ones tend to put out mediocre games - just like Hollywood studios & any other industry. I mean Madden @ 30fps on your all-powerful PS3 ?!? Hee hee, you Sony fanboys are such tools.

Now, need I say it.... FLAME ON !!!

Dark_Overlord4139d ago

Could you tell me how Mass Effect pwns Killzone 2, Lair & Heavenly Sword? Have you played it? (very doubtful) So your basing your prediction on video footage alone? not that I'm saying it won't be a good game but thats like me saying for example that a mclaren F1 is the best car ever and owns all others without ever driving any of these cars. See what I'm getting at? Until you've played it you won't know, so to say it pwns all is quite a pointless thing to say at the minute.

After looking at Bioshock IMO it looks boring as hell, from what I've seen hardly anything happens. But when it is released I'll take a look at it to see if it can sway my opinion but until that point its a definite no to buying it.

About Metal Gear 4 I take it you never watched the trailer which all was IN GAME FOOTAGE!

Looks like your a bit mis informed on Madden, if you check back a couple of days you'll find that Madden actually runs at 60FPS on the PS3 (sure it was one of the developers who stated this)

Then your last comment just proved you were a brainless fanboy yourself by insulting anyone with a PS3

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