How Sony can charge for multiplayer gaming

Sony is yet to make a profit on the PS3 and one obvious income stream they are missing is charging for online multiplayer gaming.

However they have previously said they won't ever charge for this so will it ever happen... Here's an idea that may well work for Sony and still ensure they don't break any more promises.

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Dellis3268d ago

They need to, fanboys would cry but eventually they will pay

its just like when Activision began the 59.99 price for

next gen games, what did gamers do? cry a bit but eventually

started paying.

ThanatosDMC3268d ago

Why would you want them to start charging for something that should be free since we all ready pay for our internet service separately?

I understand $59.99 bluray games but i dont understand people paying $59.99 for games on cheap dvd disks.

Marquis_de_Sade3268d ago

I don't see what difference the format of the disc makes, you're paying for the license to access the content.

lowcarb3268d ago

It has nothing to do with your internet service.

Raf1k13268d ago

The difference is that BluRays cost a lot more to produce than DVDs.

ThanatosDMC3268d ago

Just check the prices on the same game, say ME2, on the PC compared the console version then. The PC cost $49.99 on a new released game while a console version of the same game cost $10 more.

Raf1k1 is right. Since bluray disk without the hard anti-scratch whatever is extremely fragile so they had to manufacture it with that hard whatever but it costs a lot more.

webeblazing3268d ago

so lowcarb, are you with ea and their online pass since it has nothing to do with the internet provider you currently pay 4.
im not even with them on that, even if they got a few good points. u pay 4 live 4 what basic things thats not even worth the money they charge you for it. your renting the other half of your game you paid 4 that the devs made for you. but its worth it, while everybody else gets it for free.

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creatchee3268d ago

Fanboys won't cry - they'll just find every reason to justify the price and blow up the Interwebs with how much better things are even though they are paying. That's what a fanboy does.

The rest of us will pay if we decide that it is worth it to us. I have no problem paying extra if I feel that I'll get my money's worth. I'm not going to whine about it if I don't though...

MGRogue20173268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Sony is different.. That's what I love about 'em.

Start charging for online multiplayer & they will become like Microsoft. That's not what I want to see them become into.. do you? :(

edgeofblade3268d ago

I really don't care, as long as they do as Microsoft has done and earn that $50. In fact, if I weren't playing my games on 360 and getting my money's worth from my Gold, I would probably be open to paying for service on PSN.

Suffice it to say, I would have no reason to pay for service on PSN since I already pay for service on XBL. That's like paying for two cell phone bills but only using one.

cemelc3268d ago

Getting youre money worth with what party chat???

PSN = Xboxlive but if you consider that PSN is Free then PSN is better than live.

Youre getting ripped off with 50$ for P2P

Anon73493268d ago

Edge of Blade

The stuff you are paying for is the stuff Devs already made for you that M$ withholds FROM you and the mini extra features you get from XBL are free on other services.

PSN is pretty much the same as XBL give or take a few features, although PSN has something that XBL doesn't... a good array of games with dedicated servers.


It's absolutely insane on how people that play on xbox can justify their wasted money.

Dannehkins3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Reports have already been rumouring that the next instalment of the PlayStation Slim will be the one where Sony no longer loses money on every console sold. Secondly, I do believe the new technologies Sony implemented into their PlayStation 3 were looking towards the future. It's raised the profile of Blu-Ray disks and not to mention the Cell Processor which is being used in other products as well. So they kinda are making money, but in a round about way.

Nevertheless, I digress from the subject. Yes indeed, they did say they would never charge for playing online. That doesn't mean they can't charge for additional features and I think I would prepared to pay out for adequate features that will improve my online experience. I am definitely sure, if not positive, that Sony are eying this up because there is MONEY TO BE MADE! They need not look far before they find an example of this i.e Xbox Live. I think it's the infrastructure that is taking up the time.

Phil Mc Crackin3268d ago

I don't believe any company took a loss on a console. I believe and know everybody made their profits. It's a sales technique " I'm not making a dime on this". Check out any zig zigglar tape or respected sales guru's tape.

Anon73493268d ago


Actually used to lose lots of money per console sold, but made up for it in game royalties and other ways.

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