Hands-On: Folklore Impressions "the most beautiful game"

Kotaku has ruminated on it. Given it a couple of hours to sink in. Kotaku reserves the right to rescind their statement at any point between now and its American release. But they think Folklore might be the most beautiful game They've ever seen.

While many of you might disagree, it gets an automatic elevation in assessment by not being set in the future, nor a traditional high fantasy world. Instead each of its seven worlds-of which Kotaku saw two-are developer Game Republic's interpretation of Western fantasy ideas, with a pronounced lilt towards Celtic imagery, as filtered by English fairy tales. Like the elves with luminous skin and pink ears, haughty angular aliens, who live in each of the worlds and act as your guides. kotaku would talk to each one in turn, even though I'd read their simple gameplay instructions already, just to see the camera zoom in on their models as they spoke...

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Nicosia5427d ago

This is the game people should be looking out for. its got a great mechanic!

bigmack5427d ago

yea this game will be very nice.

gEnKiE5427d ago

i have to wait untill october?? :( ohh well, i got oblivion to get through anyways...

timmyp535427d ago

U.S most likely gets it earlier

ChanDangle5427d ago

After reading that article I just created a Japanese PSN account just to play the demo. Looking forward to this.

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The story is too old to be commented.