BeyondUnreal Interviews: Steve Polge UT 3 plays a bit slower on the console versions

SP: UT will feature the same levels, weapons, vehicles, and game types on each platform. Having said that, the game will not feel identical on each platform, as we've tweaked the game for each platform so as not to compromise the game play on any system. The game plays a bit slower on the console versions, and there is some aiming help (although the system we've developed, while very effective, feels quite subtle). Visually, the game scales very well to a wide variety of hardware. We've always placed a lot of emphasis on getting UT to run well on lower end hardware, and we've also got high end features to push your monster PC to its limits.

And of course, we'll be supporting mods on both the PC and PS3. Mod support has always been an important part of our success on PC, so we're very excited to be able to bring this feature to a console platform.

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Lyberator5430d ago

Makes sense as you can turn 180 degrees almost instantly with a mouse.

radzy5430d ago

it has nothing to do with keyboard and mouse and everything to do with hardware capability's . ps3 doesnt run any graphical game without slowdown, framerate problems, etc.... e.g. uncharted:drakes fortune runs so bad , nearly to point of non-playable. maybe some of the slowest animation movement i have ever seen on a game.

cartman3135430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

Do you really believe the crap that comes out of your mouth? What are you going to say next? The earth is flat? I have a hard time believing that you have actually sat down and played Uncharted. Considering the game isn't even out yet. Whatever though, enjoy living in your delusional flat earth.

popup5430d ago

He was referring to the gameplay. If a game runs at 25fps it does not play slower, there are just less frames like films compared to real life :)


The issues of framerate are briefly touched upon by the "We’ve always placed a lot of emphasis on getting UT to run well on lower end hardware" statement.

There ofcourse maybe slowdown issues on the consoles but there will be on alot of peoples PC's too (like mine).

Marceles5430d ago

splitfish will fix that.

Real Gambler5430d ago

1- Console versions as in: PS3 version and 360 version...

2- They said before you could use your bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I hope it's still true. Mine is being used only for web surfing right now... All I want is same PC experience but on my 54 inch HDTV...

3- The real beauty of the Unreal engine is the fact that (as they clearly said) it can run on pretty much all kind of hardware. It's the main reason the first Unreal was so popular!!! You don't need a beast to run it unless you want all the eye candy to the max. Graphics and gameplay are still outstanding, even if your pc is a couple years old. So this upcoming version (as they said) will be the same, and run even on older PCs. So basically, running it on any consoles should be a breeze. Now, the big question will be: Is this aiming thing only for people using controllers, or will that work with the mouse as well. People with mouses will likely have a big advantage if this is the case. Guess we will have to wait and see...

clownfacemcgee5430d ago

I think it's kind of unfair to have people with controllers square off against people with keyboards and mice. A mouse can do a 180 in half a second. A controller can't. Point precision vs. analog sticks is so unfair. You just move the mouse to move the crosshairs. Analog isn't quite that easy. Everyone says mouse and keyboard rules for FPS's, but that's really just not true. It's just easier.

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Hayabusa 1175430d ago

The title should be changed to "UT3 consoles version tweaked", or "different from PC verisons", because it sounded to me like the console versions are don't run as fast for hardware reasons.

pwnsause5430d ago

well of course UT3 is way better on PC than the other 2 platforms, but at the end of the day, for those that want to play UT3 so bad, will it take a 2000 dollar computer to do so?,

DADO5430d ago

For half of that you can get a PS3 and a 360 Elite.

MK_Red5430d ago

I always loved the original UT for tis crazy speed and was hoping UT3 would be like that one but I feel a bit unhappy since my computer cant run the game and I'll have to by the console version and that will have a bit slower pace. I wish they add some turbo mode or something for console or an option to bring to pace up to PC version's level (And this should be aside from all turbo modes of both versions).

Violater5430d ago

it will still be very fast, also the PS3 version offers keyboard and mouse support.

Azurite5430d ago

But aiming help isn't what I want in a FPS... that ruins the skill.
Singleplayer I don't care, but for a multiplayer game using auto-aim... that's bad imo.
Though, I've heard this is quite common in console FPS-games, doesn't make it right.

DADO5430d ago

They might add an option to disable the aiming help.

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