Sony's not game to cutting PS3 price here(India)

Sony India has ruled out an immediate cut in the price of PlayStation 3 (PS3) in India despite announcing a reduction in the price of the gaming console globally. Sony India had launched PS3 early this year, with the 60 GB memory version costing Rs 39,990."We are already offering PS3 at a special price in India. The price may appear high compared to the price in the US, but that is due to the import duties. However, we are not planning any price cut for PS3 in India as of now," Sony India managing director Masaru Tamagawa said...

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neeharb4117d ago

yeah the special price in india...its so special its only 888.88$ aint it lovely....

dale14117d ago

ps2 sales is the big one there its going to be a big market for sony later on