May 11th 2010: PlayStation Store Update

Posted by Grace Chen // Senior Manager, PlayStation Store

Hi Everyone – It’s time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update.
Spring Fever Update

This week Spring Fever celebrates Sony Online Entertainment titles packaged into the following bundles!

PopCap Spring Fever Bundle ($24.99)
Kick off the spring season with all your PopCap favorites brought to you by Sony Online Entertainment! Can’t decide which game you want? Get them all! The PopCap Spring Fever Bundle includes Bejeweled 2, Peggle, Zume, Heavy Weapon, and Feeding Frenzy 2 Shipwreck Showdown, so get yours now for some crazy unbeatable fun!
ESRB Rated E10+

Midway Spring Fever Bundle ($14.99)
Celebrate spring with all your favorite classic Midway games, brought to you by Sony Online Entertainment and available for one week only! Get ready to re-live all of the classics. The Midway bundle includes Mortal Kombat II, Championship Sprint, Gauntlet II, Joust, and Rampage World Tour!
ESRB Rated E-M

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xTruthx4951d ago (Edited 4951d ago )

Dang I though the modnation demo was coming out 2day, already had splitsecond(EU account)

Ah, it came for psp but not ps3 :/

ikkeweer4951d ago (Edited 4951d ago )

I'll get MNR day one anyways though (for both)

bruddahmanmatt4951d ago

Lost Planet 2 DLC already? Jesus Capcom, really?

Elimin84951d ago (Edited 4951d ago )

Split sec isn't that hot either....


Split second sucks! It was entertaining for the first 10 minutes but then it got seriously lame so I just deleted it.

xTruthx4951d ago

Im sure it will be better online

Elimin84951d ago (Edited 4951d ago )

I deleted it after the first race. It's gonna be hella repetitive.

HOSe4951d ago

lots of new and premium avatars.

MysticStrummer4951d ago

Another crap update... what a bummer.