Halo Campaign Trailers: Disintegrating Plot And Gameplay

Ever since the E3 trailer was released last week, We have seen occasional 'it doesn't feel right' posts describing the emotions generated by the trailer.

Some fans have assumed that this 'offness' is due to a lack of time, or effort, by the crew putting together the trailer - but that crew is Film Oasis, the guys behind quite a few bits of Halo goodness over the years. They're not known for their shoddiness.

Narcogen, at, has looked at ALL major Halo trailers, starting at the 1999 MacWorld trailer, and has come up with a different explanation.

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360Sheep4140d ago

Halo Christ that was a stupid article. It actually makes the assumption that HALO was extremely popular for its story line... hahahahaha.. its all about gameplay

The BS Police4140d ago

Besides the gameplay, the storyline is what made Halo popular.

the_round_peg4140d ago

If it's even that. It would make a terrible movie, and that's why no respectable Hollywood talent would touch it (i.e., as in actually getting involved in the making of the film.)

As for the Peter Jackson deal: Peter Jackson is NOT and will NOT be actually involved in the making of Halo movie. Let me tell you a little bit about how the Hollywood system works: Microsoft PAID Peter Jackson a huge sum of money to get permission to use Jackson's name as the "executive producer" for the Halo movie. Beyond that, Jackson has absolutely nothing to do with the Halo movie. In the film business it's called "attaching a project with a name", except the name may not be involved with the actual making of the film.

In this case, any people who know anything how the system works know right away Peter Jackson has been paid by Microsoft to allow his name to be attached to the project... and nothing more.

the_round_peg4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

You guys don't work in the film business. Here the jokes are on Halo and Microsoft. Microsoft actually had someone dress up as a master chief and show up at a studio to deliver the spec script to an exec. What an amateur. The exec was actually embarrassed for having master chief idiot showing up outside his office. (Imagine how you would feel if some guy dressed up in the master chief suit and show up at where you work to see you when it's not Halloween.) Microsoft pretty much killed the deal right then.

That's why the Halo movie keeps falling through. Halo is the butt of the joke in the circle.

Hayabusa 1174140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

The reason why the Halo movie isn't getting made, is because it has a large budget ($200,000,000 if I remember correctly), and an unknown director (Neil Blomkamp). Universal didn't agree with their choice of director. Do you honeslty think they're not making Halo because it doesn't have a decent story line? That's pathetic. Let me tell you how Hollywood works. they take a popular franchise that alot of people like and are willing to pay $$$ for crappy merchandise, get some half-wit director to do the film for chicken change, and they're laughing all the way to bank. That's why they don't want to do the Halo film. they have to INVEST in it, and it has be true to the source. Do you honeslty think, Hollywood gives a fuk about creative stories? Like, say...Doom?

the_round_peg4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

8 millions translate into about $80 million at the box office - assuming everyone who bought Halo 2 will go to the theater to see the Halo movie when it comes out.

That means the Halo movie is not getting a budget that's more than $40 million. Period. That's in the low budget range. Even then, most studios would pass because there are other more profitable ways to spend the $40 million.

Microsoft naively thinks it could hookwink a movie studio into spending $150-200 million to market its Halo. Not only Microsoft wants the studio to foot the bill, it also wants a huge cut of the revenue. (GROSS revenue, I might add.) Microsoft does not want to share any of the risk, but it wants a gross cut of the box office takes (as well as for DVDs and other venues.) Do you think we are stupid? No a snowball's chance in hell. Microsoft might be the superweight in another industry, but someone should remind Microsoft that in the film business they are a NOBODY.

BTW, I actually got a chance to look at the spec script for the Halo movie. IT SUCKS. If the Halo story was really good and could get people excited, then some heavyweight execs or talents or A-listers would be willing to put their weight behind the project because people love to see a great story get greenlighted. That still happens in Hollywood all the time. Beyond the profit, there's still a reason why people got into the business in the first place.

But Halo just does not have that kind of story. I read the spec. The spec did not get people excited. It's a mediocre story at best. It is not the kind of story that could get people excited enough to bet their careers on it.

I love the first two Halo games and all, but seriously, the quality of the story in video games (including Halo) still can't compare to films.

Hayabusa 1174140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

Exactlty, THAT's why the Halo movie isn't getting made, it has nothing to do with the story. You just pwned your own arguement.

EDT: Ah, now you've edited a post you're post to include you're "Halo has a crap story" theory. Whether or not Halo has a good story, that isn't goning to bother Hollywoood movies execs. They're more interested in how much their getting out of the franchise. Stop spewing BS.

razer4140d ago

The HALO story is DEEP.. Maybe you haven't read one of the 4 Halo novels?? They are great sci-fi stories and have even seen time on the best seller list.

There are a lot of people on this site who should not be commenting on things they know nothing about.

Like a shadow I am4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

As deep as Ender's Game? Foundation? Forever War? The Martian Chronicle? The Diamond Age? Hyperion?

If you think Halo (including the novels) is "deep", then you obviously haven't read too much in your lifetime.

The problem with the Halo movie is that there are so many other SUPERIOR sci-fi franchises and stories, way way way superior, that would cost as much as or less than Halo to make. And they are all waiting to get made into movies. Halo needs to get in line.

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power of Green 4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

I can care less about the trailer what i do care about is how excited Adam S. was and others when seeing Halo being played in front of them with a HDTV. All the footage is low quality.

#1 the story is popular and that actually sold Halo on before people realized the multi player was spot on.

Why respond to a member with a name like 360sheep. lol

EDIT: ((((( CERULA ))))) go check out G4's coverage of the E3 event it might be there he said it on Friday when wraping up the best games for each system. He said it and thats all that matters, he said nevermind what we've seen you have to see it being played up close and personal. If anybody watched the hole G4 coverage please post that you heard Adam S. say the same thing.

ShiftyLookingCow4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

Halo 1 story was not boring, it was the repetitive levels. Halo 2 had cliffhanger ending but still presentation was very good(texture pop ins sucked though). Its no secret there are many gamers not just Halo fanboys waiting for a conclusion to that story in Halo 3.

Marriot VP4140d ago

do you have a link to the video of adam + halo 3

please respond

bIadestar4140d ago

ill be getting this on pc later so i can use mods without restriction
it will look way better on pc then 360 anyway trailer showed gameplay how bad it was

main thing is no need for a 360 all the main games come out on pc eventually halo/gears....

Lex Luthor4140d ago

Everyone this is NOT the real bladestar. I am reporting your post. Please grow up and stop doing this.

ShiftyLookingCow4140d ago

"main thing is no need for a 360 all the main games come out on pc eventually halo/gears...."

yeah something is very wrong with Bladestar.

As for Halo 3 PC, you will get it at 2010

360RULEZ4140d ago

they always keep living in denial.

HALO was a perfect mix of story and gameplay .. sony lemmings keep saying "it's popular only because of its gameplay and not the story" as if this is supposed to be an insult .. look at your Z-rated borezone that was booed by all critics and sold poorly.

not even CGI will make sony lemmings get an experience similar to what Xbox360 owners are getting with Halo.

I can't wait to play Halo 3, Halo Wars, and Gears of War 2.

Geewhizz4140d ago

you might not be playing many more titles from epic. They have a agreement now with sony and might start to use ps3 as main dev platform and give 360 ports

the_round_peg4140d ago (Edited 4140d ago )

based on some speculations and rumors of some "Gears of War" like IP is coming to PS3. Like always, the title for that news is misleading.

I listened to that podcast, and the guy actually said Epic would continue to work on more 360 games. The guy actually did NOT say Epic is working on Gears of War or any similar IP for PS3. That title is again totally misleading.

bung tickler4140d ago

@ktchong bubble for you for not being a tool.

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