Chief Executive of Virgin Games: "AWOMO will do for PC games what iTunes has done for music"

An internet start-up backed by Sir Richard Branson, that promises to transform the global computer games industry, is set to list in London with a €1bn (£670m) valuation.

Game Domain International, a start-up based in Germany, has created an online virtual world, similar to Second Life, that also allows subscribers to download the latest computer games.

Technology in the company's 3D computer-generated reality, called A World of My Own (AWOMO), allows PC users to buy, download and play the latest game titles without the need to visit a shop. GDI claims that games can be downloaded to a PC using a broadband connection at a much faster rate than has previously been possible...

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MK_Red5430d ago

Next year the battle will be spectacular: Home Vs Second Life VS AWOMO.

Greysturm5430d ago

What was the latest business expansion of virgin that didnt end as a flop?

mcgrawgamer5430d ago

yeah, I think we're all waiting to see if they can have as much success as they've had with music and phones. I signed up for the beta, but I've yet to get any notice if I'll be able to participate.