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unrealgamer583175d ago

Now how about we talk battlefield 1944?

Yi-Long3175d ago

... and I still play it every time I have the chance :)

Instead of BF1944, they should just release more maps for Battlefield 1943. It's my favourite game on XBL. I would hate to see more and more people leave it.

ipwnall3175d ago

It was rumored that more would be added after BFBC2...

Coffin873175d ago

i was also thinking.. what about another BF game that has nothing to do with bad company.
battlefield 3.. oh my this should get awesome.. if they manage to expand on the usual gameplay.

psycho3603175d ago

Well deserved. the orginal PC series 1942/DC/Vietnam etc ate years away for me and this was pretty good as well.

Forget 1944 i'd take BF:Vietnam over any 194x series.

Double Toasted3175d ago

Yeah, its a great game. I enjoyed it more than Bad Company. Weird...I know.

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Meodia_Art3175d ago

That Dice focuses more on the BC and regular Battlefield series on the PC. Loved 1943, but loved BC2 and BF2142 much more.

Solans Scott3175d ago

New maps are what I need. This game is a beast and totally deserves the achievement.

Solidus187-SCMilk3175d ago

Good to see their success.

But I found it interesting that it said:

"...along with EA becoming the #1 publisher on every platform except for Nintendo platforms. EA is the #1 third party publisher on those platforms however."

I guess that means that they took back the spot from activision? I guess thats good as Dead Space made me like EA enough, and Im not a big fan of activision lately. Take that KOtic.

gcolley3175d ago

EA has Skate and Battlefield / Activision has Tony Hawk and Call of Duty. My preference the last few years has been EA for these reasons. Everything else doesn't really bother me with these 2 companies. the rest of the games i play come from other publishers.

Well done EA and DICE for this great achievement. 1943 is the perfect companion to the Bad Company series. perfect for those times where you just don't have the energy required to play either bad company 1 or 2. absolutely love it.

raddbj033175d ago

kinda stopped playing after i picked up bad company 2. maybe i should hop back on if people are still playing.

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The story is too old to be commented.