Sessler's Soapbox: Not So Fast, Obama

As the comments section shows, many of you had a lot to say about President Obama's recent comments about video games and iPods. In case you missed it, you can find his quote right here. Now that you have a frame of reference, you're fully prepared for this week's edition of Soapbox. Adam decides to not argue with Obama, but challenge him to change the way he thinks about gaming. Where the President might only see it as a distraction from learning, Adam sees interactive media as a form of mental exercise, challenging your mind to think in abstract ways and solve problems in worlds with different rules and consequences than our own. What's your take?

rroded4774d ago

makes you think improves your hand eye coordination n all that

wonder why obama took the anti game stance now ppl were sayin he was like the next gen pres but now he says he cant work a ps3 or 360 so he only plays wii...

like dudes trying ta b cool thinking most of this stuff hes spewing is straight from his spin/pr team...

Darkstorn4774d ago

Obama is not anti-game, he's just one of the tens of millions who doesn't understand gaming. I think his point is sound, even if it comes off a little harsh.

RememberThe3574774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

He told some students that spending time playing videogames and doing other things takes away from time you could be using to study. Pure logic.

BTW Are we not embedding videos anymore?

@KingME: Exactly. Bubbles for you.

KingME4774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

The way some people responds to his comments kind of lends to what he's saying. His speech was meant to get parents and the rest of society to make sure that the youth of today is getting out more often, playing softball, reading a book every now and then and maintaining a level of socialization rather than all of their friends being an avatar on NG4 or some chat room.

Look around in your neighborhoods, people over age 30 should easily be able to see that kids playing outside in your neighborhoods has change drastically since you were kids. The youth of today are becoming more and more anti-social and part of that is because they don't get out enough.

So, I really didn't see it as the president being anti-game, I think what he really is, is anti-lazy bum sitting on his ARSE doing nothing but playing games. If this is not you, then he's not talking about you. If this is you, then look in the mirror and reflect (no pun intended) on how culturally diverse are you, do you know simple base things as a US citizen (obviously I'm talking about US citizens) that you should know like how many branches of the US government are there and what are they.

Anyway, just wanted to say, I don't think Obama is anti-video games, I think he's worried about our youth being left behind the rest of the world as far as education goes and perhaps attributes some of that to kids playing video games too often.

Darkstorn4774d ago

Sad, but true. We're really lagging behind Europe in terms of education (I think we're beneath Romania now...), so that alone should be a wake-up call to invest in the education of our youth.

UP4774d ago

Our Colleges are the best in the world tho

oohWii4774d ago

But they are populated 40 percent by foriegn students.

tinybigman4773d ago

well said is all i'll say

Darkstorn4773d ago

Our only college that is higher than any other country's university is Harvard. In addition, it's quite difficult to get into colleges in the U.S., and most Western European nations offer taxpayer-funded college educations to students, effectively making them 'free.' As you probably know, we have a huge problem with student debt in this country.

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Syronicus4773d ago

He sure was not against his face being on bilboards in paradise city but now that he wants to shield us from "information" he is all against digital media. All I can say is wake up kids, this guy is an socialist as they come and if you voted for him the you need to rethink what country you want to live in...

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TheCapto4774d ago

As usual, Sessler has a good, intelligent, reasoned take.

Zerodin4774d ago

Anyone who uses the words "Sessler" and "Intelligent" in the manner you just did, needs punched in the taco!

ikkeweer4774d ago

But he´s OK to me, aslong as he doesn´t take things too personal and starts quoting letters from fanboys.

Strikepackage Bravo4774d ago

has Sessler said that is soo stupid, he usually makes pretty good sense I think, please explain why you think he is such an idiot, did he say something mean about a PS3 exclusive once or something?

UP4774d ago

I like how you are the first person to bring up fanboyism.

ZombieNinjaPanda4774d ago

Sessler, imo, is the least biased out of the G4TV members.

I really believe he loves video games and enjoys his jobs, which is why I personally don't mind him at all and enjoy his videos.

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playstation_clan4774d ago (Edited 4774d ago )

if people play call of duty more, that would train us for war. Come on Obama, think outside the lines here

EDIT: if you have a K/D ratio of 1.8 and above, it will make you general

LinuxGuru4774d ago

lol can you imagine if the military assigned rank by statistics or K/D ratio in Call of Duty

Lich1204774d ago

Mines 1.65... wheres that put me? Maybe around Major General? Because Ill totally take being a 2star. Those guys make mucho bucks.

EvilBlackCat4774d ago


PeptoBismol4774d ago

the government is corrupt, yes

but Sessler for President? hell no

pimpmaster4774d ago

thats actually pretty scarry. ^^ thinking of kd ratio in real life.. cause youll be dead forever.

pimpmaster4774d ago

i dont think it matters either way what your k/d ratio was anyways when you die cause an unexpected IED blows your vehicle up and burns u alive.

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