Is Nintendo The Apple Of Video Games?

Interesting "round-up" note on the E3 video game conference that took place in Santa Monica last week. This is the annual industry confab where game makers, such as Electronic Arts (ERTS) and Activision (ATVI) show retailers and developers their upcoming wares, and where hardware makers promote their game consoles.

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Caxtus7505427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

No, because i would buy an Apple :P

Nintenuendo5427d ago

Nintendo doesn't make you pay twice as much for the name.

Caxtus7505427d ago

a fair point i have to agree :D

OutpostCommand5427d ago

Nintendo is not the Apple of gaming, since if they were, they would make quality products.
Alas, they do not.

Odiah5427d ago

How's your 360 doing? Or your PS3? Disc read error!

GoLeafsGo5427d ago

DRE on the PS3?
Clearly, you've never touched one.

Sad, N4G is slowly becoming overrun with Nintentrolls.

Tsukasah5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

uhm, my PS3 has never had a DRE, it refuses to misread a disk, yet, my wii didnt read a bunch of GC games that worked in my gamecube, wii is just boring now, overhyped, overrated, but hey, its cheap, its fun for 2 months, for me anyways, and its good for the family.

ITR5427d ago

princetab I guess you haven't seen one yet then.
I have seen DRE on demo units at both Target and Wal-Marts and on my friends 20GB.
I work retail and have sold through many PS3's and I have seen some come back with DRE or HDD failure.

Hell, I've even seen a DRE on one Wii before. No console is perfect. Any console that uses a disc can get a DRE.

GoLeafsGo5427d ago

Unless you've SEVERLY scratched the disc, the PS3 does not provide you with DREs.

There's a youtube video out, that shows just how much pain a disc can take, and still run.

And quite frankly, this is the FIRST I've ever heard of a PS3 DRE.
I'm sure others would agree.

ITR5427d ago

Princetab thats true because it has a lament on it. But like my friend his laser in his 20GB gave a DRE because it was actually acting sporadic. Sony said, it was a defective and they replaced it for him.

ps3FTW5427d ago

The PS3 does not get DRE

clownfacemcgee5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

I know someone that threw their disc of (I forgot the name of the game, but he said it wasn't very good) around like a frisbee and popped it back into his PS3, and it still worked. Those disc are tough as hell. I don't know how you would get a DRE. You'd have to practically snap the disc.

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unsunghero285427d ago

If you want to look at it from an iPod standpoint. The Wii and iPod are actually quite similar- they're a good buy for any person, techie or otherwise, they're pretty stylish and they've given MS a run for their money.

OK OK, so the Zune:iPod isn't exactly the 360:Wii.

cdzie15427d ago

No, I'm still using my iPod after years, but I stopped playing Wii after a few weeks...

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The story is too old to be commented.