GTA 4: Rockstar wants to hear you complain

One of the features in Grand Theft Auto IV is the radio system. Players can tune in to hear talk shows and other types of radio programs in the game. To fill content, WKTT (the radio in the game) is holding a voice your choice sort of contest. Say whatever you want to express about the Americas and submit it to the contest, and your opinions might appear in Grand Theft Auto IV. The topic can be anything from politics to culture. To enter, simply call 212-360-3268 and record your voice.

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thereapersson5427d ago

Nice to see Rockstar is taking the extension of interactivity in games vs. real life seriously, even if it's just this little detail.

What i'm really hoping for is great selection in the radio content, and not a bunch of licensed, watered down popular BS. They've not let me down so far, but i'll keep my fingers crossed nonetheless.

TruthHurts5427d ago

dont let this game be limited for ANY reason.
i want to see what ROCKSTAR can really do.

Skynetone5427d ago

in the xbox version you had to go into numereous options just so you could listen to what you had on the hd / it never saves the fact that youve done this numereous times all-ready and when you have done this it doensnt play them random it plays the same songs in that order every time

the option im looking for is to have a hd radio station which plays the songs random but with options to turn off some of the songs, and maybe further options weather there played at night or during the day

Chris_GTR15427d ago

if only they put steak into the game as an edible food!

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The story is too old to be commented.