Microsoft Shows Off Crackdown and Xbox Live Vision Camera At The 10th Campus Party

Microsoft and the Xbox 360 made their presence felt at the 10th Campus Party that took place at the Valencia International Trade Fair. The folks at joined the fun-filled event and took some videos and posted them at - just so we wouldn't miss the explosive demo of the freeform urban action game Crackdown.

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gamerof3605402d ago

this thing is gonna be like a Eyetoy right? RIGHT?!?!?!

DC RID3R5402d ago

just a sign of things to come!!!!!

jedicurt5402d ago

haha, amazing how sony does something that someone has already done, and they aren't innovative and get flamed for it. MS does the exact same thing, and no one complains.

I am a fan of both consols. and the fanboyism just gets me everytime.

so i'm just going to say it to get it out there

Come on MS atleast be creative with your "stolen" idea

The BS Police5402d ago

Microosft is using this camera not to copy the Eyetoy but to use it for other things which makes it innovative, like live chat over Xbox Live and allowing you to make custom Gamerpics for your Xbox Live account.

JIN KAZAMA5402d ago

Oh, its not using it like eyetoy, but its using it differntly. Hey idiot, the whole idea of a console have a camera came from sony, thats what MS is copying. Come on now.

DC RID3R5401d ago

So hold on now, when the PS of sh*t3 releases one, are u gonna hold ur hands up on the motion gesture jackin or wot bro!?!?!?!!?

If the xbox 360 was to fail tommorrow, MS would just set up the next stage of next-gen vidoe gaming!!!

If and when the ps of sh*t3 fails, will fony be able to do THE SAME??

I'll answer that for you, NO!!!!!


cos sony ain't got no more dough!!!

Sony's in the same predicament as sega were back with the dreamcast!!!(no more free dough)

Sony better tread carefully, and watch their fuc*in mouths, cos any slight slip-up, or faulty, dodgy equipment ( nintendo's and ms's fault rates are between 2-3%, sony's is 8-9%!)

1000's upon 1000's of people will be complaining on sites just like this, which will lead to sony's COMPLETE DESTRUCTION, cos news sure does travel FAST about worthless products!!!!!

Say's you5400d ago

Is going to have Live chat as well first,after all its only right that Sony's idea to have live chat and now Microsoft is copieing Sony in doing the same.