E3: Was There A Winner? A "Game Of The Show"?

This was the new, button-down E3, not the dirty, sleazy old E3 gamers all grew to love and hate at the same time. There was no dust to be found at all this year, in fact, not a spec of it – there was only sushi and flowers and palm tree-lined strolls by the ocean and perfectly chilled bottles of Evian water in swanky hotel suites. But that's a matter for another blog entry – first, talk about why everyone was allegedly here in the first place: the games.

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timmyp535430d ago

I will pick a big winner of the show, and it’s going to be Nintendo’s Wii Fit, which I don’t even consider a game at all, but more of a fitness toy. Games will hopefully come out in the months to come that will take advantage of the Wii Balance Board, "but at the moment it’s just a collection of exercise tools and mini games, none of which impressed me nearly as much as the device they were all running through."

then y is it the winner of the show?

ternwode5430d ago

Wii-fit may be rather unique/compelling. But you have to ask it still a video game? I doubt that wii-fit will ever establish credibility as a legitimate source of 'fitness'. That usually requires hard work, committment, and proper nutrition. In that regard, wii-fit is a gimmick. It goes without saying that wii-fit will also never appeal to people that don't want to exercise or thrash about wildly while playing games....and I think that constitutes the majority of us.

JsonHenry5430d ago

Mass Effect. Hands down.

MK_Red5430d ago

Last year's show was a close battle between Halo3, MGS4, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock and Spore but this year didnt have a shining big winner IMO.

If I have to pick a "game of the show", it would be between Little Big Planet, Assassin's Creed ( dont care about the bad demo, this game should rock) and Rock Band. Killzone 2 also put on a good show I believe.

But of all games, LittteBigPlanet seems to be the game that almost everyone and everysite (From Sony fans to MS and Nintendo ones) liked. I love that game too, Cant wait.

TruthHurts5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

Winner of the show: SONY

Game of the show:
1.Killzone (don`t lie to yourself, like it or not its true)
2.LBP (show ANYBODY the creation trailer)
3.Asassins Creed (Bad Demo, Very Innovative)
4.Mass Effect (makes me want a 360 again, but not until they figure somethings out)
5.Infamous (came out of nowhere, if you haven`t seen it watch it)

honorable mentions:
MGS4 (the only reason i out it so low is NO DEMO,but thats this week)
Bio Shock (should have been pushed WAAAAY more)
GT5 (amazing trailer, but i want come gameplay. yes, i know it was ingame engine)
Mario Galaxy (for being MARIO.j/k. this is the only wii game i care about playing.)

Games that should have been there.
1.HALO3 SP (the game comes out in a 2 months)
2.8 Days (hopefully soon)
3.Dead Rising 2 (TGS?)
4.The Getaway (TGS?)
5.FF13 (TGS!!!!)



unsunghero285430d ago

But I think it's fair to give Super Mario Galaxy at least an honorable mention... That game looks like craaaazy fun...

The Swordsman5430d ago

But never been a fan of Mario,.

The Swordsman5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

Oh, and that Infamous looked good as well. Looks like Sucker Punch have finally moved on from Sly.. shame.

unsunghero285430d ago

Not for the game itself, but for the hardware that comes with it.

I'm sure that in the next hour or so hundreds upon hundreds of comments are going to flood in that are all against the possibility that WiiFit could be more important than KillZone or Little Big Planet. They're all absolutely right, and it seems even the writer of the article agrees that the game itself isn't very good.

What he likes is the new peripheral that comes with it, the Wii Balance Board. Now, skepticism, cynicism, and fanboyism aside, an actual peripheral of such importance was not revealed by any other company, except Nintendo. Because of all the game options it opens up- dancing, boarding, etc., it could (supposedly) be of as great importance to Nintendo as the Wii remote itself, and that could be very, very good for anyone with their bet on Nintendo.

Yes, we can all agree that LBP and KZ2 both looked much better from a gamer's standpoint. But to the article writer, all that signifies is that Sony has kept their promises.

The Swordsman5430d ago

Of all the games at E3, I'd really have to say that Killzone was the best. Not just did it make a great trailer, it also lived up to expectations and was nearly as good as the E3 2005 trailer.

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