Metroid Prime 3: Hands-on with the greatest Metroid yet

CVG reports:
"To seasoned Primers, a warning. Never has a game's subtitle been so apt. Just as Samus faces infectious Phazon (neon-blue, mutagenic - very nasty) trickling through places you really don't want Phazon trickling, we find the tried-and-tested Prime formula corrupting along with it."

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thereapersson5427d ago

Some great games are coming out for the wii, and I don't care if they are the same franchise again just as long as they are done right. I've been itching to play an FPS that will take advantage of the superior control scheme the wiimote can offer if utilized in the proper way. Red Steel is NOT a good example at all, so hopefully this can breathe some life into the nonexistent FPS genre on the Wii.

This might be the game that gets me to purchase the system.

MK_Red5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

I cant wait to play Metroid 3. I dont have a Wii yet and playing Wii at my friends house or gaming events didnt interest me. OK, I love Elebits & Rayman on Wii but Wii Sports and all other games like Wario were seriously shallow and boring IMO (Didn't play Zelda: TP so dont know much about it ). But Metroid 3 is more than enough reason for me to buy the console.

thereapersson5427d ago

My friend has a Wii and he keeps suggesting I get one, but with the only games i've enjoyed being the "new" Zelda game and a brief stint with Excite Truck, I haven't exactly been swayed in that direction. With this new Metroid game, however, i'll probably jump the fence and join up!

texism5427d ago

Resident Evil Four, Wii Edition.

If that doesn't convince you, i don't know what will. It takes some getting used to, but dude, I pulled headshots using a Pistol from MILES away. And I'm not exaggerating. Like, what I would normally use a sniper rifle for, I used a pistol.

timmyp535427d ago

... its sad.. i told him he shouldve put RE4

Says you5427d ago

Had online but of course everybody knows the only online game for the GameCube is Phantasy Star Online but the rest of the games for GameCube didnt have and I can see there going to have online for this one unless there going to canel the online for Metroid Prime 3.

thereapersson5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

I already beat RE 4 too many times to revisit it (again) on another Nintendo console. Played both the GCN and the PS2 versions, so i'm pretty much RE'd out. HOWEVER, Umbrella Chronicles looks interesting to me, as i've always liked the "House of the Dead"-style zombie games, but hated the Survivor series on the PSone. The technology just wasn't there to make a compelling game, so hopefully they can pull it off with this one.

This is what the Wii needs; less gimmicky peripherals like WiiFit, and more compelling gaming experiences like Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3. I don't care about Soccer moms getting involved in video games, because frankly they are the same ones who complain when little Johnny Bastard-Pants buys Manhunt or GTA and then does something stupid simply because the parenting element wasn't in place to detect such problems.

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