EB Games Australia Issues Total 360 Recall

EB Games Australia have issued a recall on their Xbox 360s. Not just their own personal display or demo units. Every single Premium Xbox 360 they had in-stock. Sources within the company have confirmed that two weeks ago (approx June 29) store managers were first asked by Head Office to test every single unit in stock for errors, but were then ordered last week to return their entire inventories of the console, as well as remove all 360 promotional material and dummy boxes from their stores. The recall is believed to be due to a faulty batch of HDDs, as it did not include Core units.

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marionz5427d ago

strange..i wonder if eb in new zealand will do the same, i didnt buy mine there but i bought my mum one from there last christmas

nasim5427d ago

but this is not unusual since 60% of x360s are defective

asian manufacturers are hesistating to make x360s.

MS themselves are admitting that 100% x360s have flawed designs and are defective

they blame cheap components for x360's failure

BETHESDA:_ x360 do fail sometimes so i am having an extra SDK

Guardian's take on 60% x360 failures

MS themselves are saying that there were flaws in x360's design


i always link my claims which are VALID from idependent sources

Bloodmask5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

This is obviously a bad batch. Nothing more, as this was never reported anywhere else.

I'm sure the fanboys will take this story to town though.

This story will get posted in about 5 seconds and be on the front page. 1000 degrees by the time it is done.

Welcome to N4G.
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I think it is funny how I get disagrees, is this story not on the front page with a high temperature?

drtysouf215427d ago

and now ladies and gentlemen take a look at this

see how he changed his also

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what he was doing himself. Don't let him fool you he is
the biggest anti Sony person on this site just look at his old
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if you notice those screen shots they say press L2 on one of them
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Counter_ACT5427d ago

Yeah, I think its 2 red lights or something, but im not 100% sure. We get it now and then at work, it does happen.

FordGTGuy5427d ago

Something must've happened between the factory and Australia because we've heard nothing about this anywhere else.

ShiftyLookingCow5427d ago

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger coming back? Is it in Mars?

dantesparda5427d ago

LOL! oh billyboy, you are like the site clown, i like it, keep it up. You bring some levity to this site

ChanDangle5427d ago

Bwahahahahahahahahahaha! Sucks for them but I'm lucky enough never having to ship out my console, yet.

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