GameZone: Skate 3 interview with Brian LIndley

GameZone's Dakota Grabowski visited EA Black Box in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada to see Skate 3. Here is part one of his interviews.

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athmaus3205d ago

Thanks for the interview...i have yet to play a skate game but i might check this one out :)

H1ppyDave3205d ago

Love the franchise, and can´t wait for the latest instalment. The demo rocked too.. get-get-gyeah!

kimvidard3205d ago

The franchise is pretty solid though, but it's not my sport.

Azule613204d ago

I have never tried the skate series- I've been burned too many times by skate boarding games. I might have to try it out sometime. Good interview.

AlexC3204d ago

Skate games just remind me of how awesome THPS 1 and 2 were...

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