Retailers Leaving Second Life

Many real world retailers are starting to abandon Second Life after finding overinflated residental stats, no real viable markets there and in some cases facing flat out hostility from Second Life residents.

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Omegasyde5427d ago

"A number of residents have even staged violent protests against various corporations in Second Life. American Apparel customers were shot when stepping out of the store. Reebok actually got attacked by a nuclear bomb."

You can snipe people and NUKE in this game? Wow, no wonder it's so popular.

SofaKingReetodded5427d ago

Bin Laden inside all of

iceice1235427d ago

I'm going to check it out now, causing mayhem in that would be great.

ShiftyLookingCow5427d ago

lol. I also wish one day we could combine GTA and Second Life, imagine virtually nuking Jackass Dumbson's campaign

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Ghoul5427d ago

Finaly second life is one huuuuuge overhyped phenomenon

kornbeaner5427d ago

So does this push all those companies to try and advertise in HOME when launched for the PS3?