Why The 360 Needs LittleBigPlanet

So it was two months ago when Sony acquired Media Molecule, removing almost any hope of seeing LittleBigPlanet 2 on the 360 and immediately prompting us to consider what, potentially, the 360 might have lost. Because suddenly the whole concept of “Play, Create, Share” appealed much more to us.

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hay5158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )

The 360 has the answer for LBP.
It's called Kodu, anyone remember how it was hyped when first LBP was around the corner?

Kr1555158d ago

it's not vaporware. its on the market now. under indie games.

Godmars2905158d ago

It says something that the 360 has an answer to LBP and most 360 owners have no idea it exist.

Probably that its missing a central theme to pull it together. Like Sackboy.

darthv725158d ago

If I recall, MM stated they approached MS first but MS turned them down on the whole idea of user created content.

Bad move on MS part became a good move for sony.

dangert125158d ago

360 needs alot more platformers having a 360 i miss the hell out of games like mario jack n dexter rachet n clank etc

Corrwin5158d ago

WTF happened to Kodu? It looked quite cool.

Bibto5158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )


I like the "programming" aspect of it and it's a fun way to teach programming concepts to kids, but the games creation itself just isn't that great.

PotNoodle5158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )

Kodu has been out on the marketplace for ages.

And Media molecules acquirement wasn't what removed the chances of LBP on the 360, because the franchise has already been bought up by Sony before the announcement of the original game in 2007.

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Morbid Bulldozer5158d ago

Kodu is on the Marketplace, but I think it faced the problem that LBP2 has yet to tackle - creating whole games this way is time consuming and the results are still inferior to available XBLA/PSN games. At some point it's more reasonable to create an indie game via XBLA from scratch than struggle with limitations of so-called "game creator software".

hatchimatchi5158d ago

"At some point it's more reasonable to create an indie game via XBLA from scratch than struggle with limitations of so-called "game creator software"

Comparing little big planet 2 with a marketplace game is pretty silly. Granted LBP2 isn't out yet but media molecule and the LBP community have proved in spades what they are capable of doing, and that was with just a level creator. The community content for LBP2 is going to be absolutely insane.

Incase you didn't know, some people within the LBP online community recreated the entire game of Contra using the level creator. People made Dead Space, Resident Evil, Silent Hill & Mario Bros levels. As amazing as those levels were they don't even compare when it comes to some of the wholly original levels that were created. One guy was so talented that media molecule hired him.

Kleptic5158d ago

LittleBigPlanet 2 seems also to address the only problem I had with the original title, which was sorting through the millions of levels to find the great ones in somewhat awkward fashion...for every awesome level, there was an equally pointless one, and it to this day is nearly impossible to find the great stuff quickly...

I was never much for the creation aspect simply because of the amount of time it took to do it 'right'...i threw together multiple crapper roller coasters and stuff just to mess around, but could never dedicate the time it would take to create something impressive...seems millions of others did the same thing, yet published them to everyone also...so its unavoidable that there is a lot of less than stellar content, which by definition is part of UGC entirely...

I do agree that the 360 could use this stuff...but it doesn't 'need' it...as most core 360 users simply don't care about UGC, as its legion of fans and supporters have never had it, yet still buy almost everything released...if anything it would simply help brand expansion and MS's name in this industry...But going toe to toe with Sony in a competition of 'who is more open' would only embarrass MS...as Sony has gotten it right since the beginning...and the PS3 is the first platform to really illustrate that...by the end of this generation Sony will have a 100% stranglehold on the free and legal UGC side of gaming and its business advantages, save the indie PC scene which gets little overall spotlight...its too late for MS to do anything about that this generation; meaning with the 360 specifically...

Ju5158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )

"create an indie game via XBLA", yeah, because there are soo many community games in XBLA, especially free ones. /s

Morbid Bulldozer5158d ago

@Ju: Is LBP2 going to be free then?

hamburgerhill5158d ago

It's not really an equivalent simply because XNA rewards it's creators with the incentive to make money. LBP2 is Sony's monster that is (your correct) there XNA just being a tad bit more user friendly. XNA has more potential but the design of LBP2 will always keep it ahead in my eye.

Ju5157d ago (Edited 5157d ago )

LBP2 isn't free, nor is XBL.

We'll see what LBP2 can do. But it's an authoring tool for dummies. No (traditional) programming involved. That said, it's not as flexible as say an full blown engine (scripting?), but it is the best environment to create content - with logical and visual tools.

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hamoor5158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )

games like lbp is what the 360 needs
and please micro....NO MORE FPS!!!!
one more and this will happen to me

Def Warrant5158d ago

LOL yeah i remember when the desperate trolls where claiming kodu was a GOTY contender. Let's see what else they have to say about LBP2.

vhero5158d ago

LBP would be impossible on 360 anyway thanks to the restrictions on Live MM said this before they were acquired by Sony. So this is a moot point. This is just some site trying to get hits.

avengers19785158d ago

360 could use any unique game. Sadly you will never see LBP on the 360, but I guess some one can try to do it better than Media Molecule. Since Sony bought them there is no way you see LBP, or LBP 2, or MNR for the 360.

Greywulf5158d ago

They had the little girl making a level."AT LIGHTNING SPEED!"

Kotaku and the rest of the media were so amazed at how epic it was, tried to hype the hell out of it. Yet, absolutely nothing major has shipped on the scale of LBP at retail, or anywhere. It was just another "but yeah so what we have this!" to save face and look as if they are multi faceted, and boom nothing awarded at GDC.

Did everyone forget that the 360 already had its LBP? Banjo Kazooie from RARE? Search on N4G. Banjo was very hyped by the community here, but it sold less than 25k copies come NPD time. The audience for these type of games aren't 360 owners.

CrimsonFox135158d ago

I'm not entirely sure, but I thought Media Molecule went to Sony first. They were part of Lionhead Studios but left to make LBP and went to Sony first and they supported them much more than they expected and the project turned into something massive. Maybe they did go to Microsoft before forming Media Molecule... Or maybe I'm wrong. Oh well.

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The Wood5158d ago (Edited 5158d ago )

im not sure they'd allow such creativity to bounce around for free. Look what happened to unreal tournament... One of its main features removed because either ms is worried about the content 'some' may put up or because they know they'd have to pay for the upkeep without getting payment from whoever creates/downloads/uploads...pe rsonally i think its a bit of both...why do it for free when they KNOW they can charge xbl users.

Scott6675158d ago

Actually, MS is fairly open with XBL. They offer XNA which allows people to create their own games and sell them over Live (I really wish Sony would implement something similar, creating/sharing indie games over a subsection of the PSN Store would be awesome!). A quite well known example is 'I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1" (Yes, it really does have a name that silly) which made a single person over $100,000!

I don't care about Cross-Game Chat or a Party system, if PSN had a Sony equivilent of XNA the two services would be equal in my eyes. ...wait, has that idea been submitted to PlayStationBlog.Share yet? Hopefully.

Apolloeye5158d ago

Once you have the SDK you need only get the game approved to have it appear on PSN - for example

Everyday Shooter

Or games like Shatter which was made by a group of 4 friends

Kleptic5158d ago

well LBP2 seems to be the business equivelent to XNA for the PSN...but in the end consumers benefit more than they do with XNA, but the creators are not in a position to earn money...

if LBP2 does what its supposed to...people buy the game and than create 'games' through it...and other people buy the game to play games others created...and the only money exchanged is for purchasing the game in the first place...

i'll take that any day over buying all the indie games pushed through on XNA...as almost everything is relatively weak compared to any 'real' arcade title created for xbl...if they were better with previews and demos for said indie games; allowing users to try more of a indie title before buying...it would go a very long way...

and thats what I love about LBPs approach...you can try anything for free...share anything for free...and create anything for free...albeit once you have the game...if something sucks, so what?...try something else or create something better...

overall though Sony still needs to market LBP and especially LBP2 better...they did a great job with it, but there are still multiple PS3 owners I know that are just now hearing about the first LBP...and what its capable of...not sure how they can get the word out more, but so many people just think its a platformer with good graphics and simple gameplay...and its so much more...

PiTCHBLaCK5158d ago

I Totally agree, I'd wrather us buy LBP 2 and play everything that users create for free, then to have some that are free and some that you need to pay for(I Hate this Concept), so when I Buy LBP 2 I Know that every game/movie/music video that is made with it is completely free.