New Condemned 2: Bloodshot Screenshots

10 new screenshots for Condemned 2: Bloodshot.

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Bloodmask4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

I always thought the original condemned was one of the best 360 launch games. Definately underrated in my opinion.

This one looks to be even better.

M1am1U4139d ago

I thought it was a very underrated launch title as well. This one does look like they've made some graphical improvements. I enjoyed the first one...very creepy. This should be pretty intense.

drtysouf214139d ago

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if you notice those screen shots they say press L2 on one of them
which clearly lets you know they are PS3 shots taken from the PS3
of IGN.

Hayabusa 1174139d ago

Stop spamming. You got owned by bloodshot. It was unfortunate. We know. You don't need to do this. You only make yourself look worse.

The_Firestarter4139d ago

This is bound to be a really good game. I'm anticipating new info on it.

BTW, these screens aren't new (at least to me). I saw these screens on Gamespot on July 11th, 2007. Nevertheless, these new baddies look freaky. :)

sjappie4139d ago

murderers this game will inspire.

ElementX4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

I really enjoyed the first Condemned. It was creepy as hell! The strange music in the abandoned X-Mas decorated mall, the way the guys jumped out in front of you. My roommates and I played with the lights off and they even yelled out loud a few times! Good stuff. If you haven't played the original, definitely check it out in the bargain bin somewhere.

THE HIVE MIND4139d ago

dude i totally picked the first one up about a month an half ago
ebx (ebgames) had it on sell for 20$
and yes i cant handle scary games
but this game is freaking awesome
i must have yelled "oh what the *uck"
40 times in one level
b2n the juggernaut guys,the posesed manacans,and what ever the story to the demon/aliens are(sorry to spoil potential users)
im not even finished with the first one
and im alreayd contempted in to by the 2nd one
way to go sega

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The story is too old to be commented.