Microsoft, Sony to Play Nintendo's Game

"When my relatives start talking to me about video games, then I'll know that I have succeeded," the brainchild behind "Donkey Kong" and other hits said at this week's E3 Media and Business Summit.

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MarioFromTexas4112d ago

which tops any multiplayer game on the wii.

Bloodmask4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

I guess you've already played Little Big Planet and all the multiplayer Wii games.

I wish I had your gift of forsight.

Maddens Raiders4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

"We think this E3 marks a conclusive turning point in the video game industry," said Reggie Fils-Aime, president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America Inc.. "It may well be seen as a coming out party for an entire industry as a staple of leisure entertainment. Because everyone is a gamer."

After watching you play games in action Reggie, I'm more inclined to leave you out of the "everyone is a gamer" equation. And if everyone is a gamer, what the he77 is WiiFit? J/K