"Manhunt made my son a killer", Says the Mother

The parents of Britain's most violent teenager has spilled to News of the world that the computer game Manhunt turned their son into a killer. The killer was supposedly a 'quiet and reserved' boy with a 'promising future' but every night he'd turn into some kind of twisted murderer as he used Manhunt to practice his potential murders. His mom claims that he never did anything to make her worry in the past and implies that his casual Playstation addiction was the sole cause for the murders that her twisted killer of a son conducted.

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TheMART-sucksdick5432d ago

AND??? hahahahaha whats strange about that... happens every week over here.... I hate britain full of chavs and wankers. Take me back to Canada!!!!

Texas GMR5432d ago

Looks like we found Britain's worst parent.

Trying to blame video games for her lack of parenting skills. HAHAHA

Pika-pie5432d ago

I agree, Britain has gone down the pan! Get me outta here.

The Swordsman5431d ago (Edited 5431d ago )

With things like tabloid newspapers and a pompus royal family in today's modern, mostly democratic world, Britain has become a joke, while, somewhat ironicly, neighbouring Ireland(my country), is gaining political power in this world and becoming richer. Still, I would prefer to live in Britain than live in the USA, where the world's dumbest primate is President.

nice_cuppa5431d ago

as i'm thinking about killing the local gang of criminal chav cunts.

it gives me an excuse !

Skizelli5431d ago (Edited 5431d ago )

As I was reading the first few posts, I was waiting for someone to take a shot at the US. Didn't take very long. Dumbest primate, yes, but he's out of here come next election. Still, while our lame president may make us look bad, that's a biased assessment you just made. Furthermore, why do people have such a hard-on for the US? It's amusing to read posts from Europeans complaining about their own country, then all of the sudden the US is brought up for no good reason other than to take a cheap shot at us. It's getting old. What's so hard about getting along on a personal level? Every country has morons and the country they're from isn't to blame.

hfaze5431d ago (Edited 5431d ago )

Eh, I was going to go off on a political tyrate on why non-americans tend to go off on the USA, but it doesn't take much to figure that one out...

Yet another example of bad parenting. It sounds like the parents in this case let the kid go on autopilot, not giving their child enough guidance, and certainly not communicating with their kid enough...

It's parents that go out and buy their 11 year old's games that are rated M that causes this kind of uproar about video games in general. Would you go out and buy your child a movie that's rated NC-17, then let them watch it un-supervised? Same principal as buying the kid an M rated game and letting them go off to their room to play it.

The Swordsman5430d ago

Well, it's that that primate is screwing your country and ruining your country's reputation on the global front. And even though he will be going next year, he's screwed the country on so many levels, I don't think that his successor(possibly Hilary Clinton) will be able to fix. I'm actually going to America next week, so I'll finally see if he's ruining the country as badly as I hear he is. Also, my bias against America might have been caused by one American(he may have been Canadian, but his mention of Mississippi would imply that he is American) user here, Kevin, who called my country a joke. That and, despite that fact that I called Britain a joke, before the likes of really stupid tabloid newspapers, idiotic royal family members and stupid reality television such as Big Brother, the country was good and respected.

mbmonk5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

It's a good thing you put a lot of stock in the 1 person out of an estimated 302 MILLION Americans that you met on the INTERNET, of all places, to influence you enough to have a negative bias against the people of the US.

What exactly are you expecting to see when you come here? Our country is relatively fine internally. With your attitude I hope you miss the flight to the US.

PS: Obama will win in 2008 not Mrs. Clinton

I should make a generalization about all the people where you come from based on your INTERNET posts, but I think I will hold off.

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GoLeafsGo5432d ago

People need to stop *****ing about video games.

Video games DO NOT create killers. If anything, they keep the killers IN THE GAME.

****, parents REALLY need to understand that its THEIR fault their kids act out.

And now, N4G will be run over with Jack Dumbass Thompson news claiming he was right.

ngoniko5432d ago

yea that's like saying guns kill people, using that as an excuse to get rid of guns, now if you did get rid of guns, people going to use their fist and fight, so you want to get rid of their fist too????



sjappie5432d ago

But it sure helps a lot if they have guns lying around. Your comparison with fists is not very good since a fist isn't as deadly a weapon as a gun is.
Also facts prove that in places were there are more guns, and easier acces to them , relatively more people get murdered than in places with no or less guns and acces.
So do I think videogames are to blame for violence? No.
Do I think that legalisation and easy acces to weapons gets more people killed? Hell jeah! So in a way, guns do kill people.

Percy5432d ago

"a fist isn't as deadly a weapon as a gun"

you must not know of a man by the name of chuck norris.

Daishi5432d ago

Well sjappie you must have never heard of prison. With virtualy no access to guns people get killed there all the time. I'm not totaly disagreeing with you because it takes a lot more to kill someone with fists than the pull of a trigger. But that's another subject for another time.

techie5432d ago

Do not compare this with guns. A game may have an affect on an already disturbed psychology....but a gun can frigging kill someone! Get the guns out of your country! No ifs, or buts. YOU DO NOT NEED THEM.

sjappie5431d ago

Don't you think there are more murders in prison because maybe, I don't know, I'ts FULL OF MURDERERS AND CRIMINALS that kill people for breakfast, guns or no guns.

clownfacemcgee5431d ago

You can say, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." But, "People don't kill people, chronic blood loss and organ failure kills people." But then, " Chronic blood loss and organ failure doesn't kill people, death kills people." Try that at a murder trial.

Anyways, the gun makes it a hell of a lot easier to kill someone. Most murders are NOT premeditated. They mostly go something like this: 2 people get into a verbal fight. They get really really angry. One storms off into the other room, grabs a gun, and kills the other person.

So, the guns really do help a lot. Also, a fist fight is a lot more fair than a gun fight. If someone robs you with his fists, he's not quite as deadly as with a gun. A gun makes for a pretty unfair fight. And a potentially lethal one.

dantesparda5431d ago

Guns do kill people
Would you rather get punched or shot?
And people kill people
but guns make it a whole lot easier, therefore enticing many people who would not otherwise have killed you if they had to do it with their bare hands or even with a knife
Besides what else is a gun made for, other than to shoot things?

Whats next? bombs dont kill people?

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Kokoro5432d ago

the whole trick is back on full force. While yes, Games like these get people on edge, but they do not make someone a killer. A killer is a killer no matter what made him do it. You can drop a feather and a person can find a reason to kill you for that. These people are crazy from the day they were born. And from what I know, they werent born with a controller in there hands.

unbiased5431d ago

get rid of guns and someone will stab you in the liver.
yes people kill people and guns should be kept locked away.

MK_Red5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

Our world and societies today have lots of problems (Emotional, parental, ...) but people dont want to talk aout or address them so the go for the easiest and most defenseless of them, video games instead.

Games like Manhunt have ratings and its up to parents to see wether the game is suitable for their children or not. I'm not saying that this mother is to be blamed for the tragedy but she blaming games for the murder is as stupid as gamers blaming her IMO.

Games have good and bad effects and while Manhunt may or may not have affected that boy but I'm sure there are a whole lot more important and depressing reasons behind this murder.
And, Oh my God. This will become new toy for mass media and losers like JAck Thompson.

Im sorry for the loss of the mother and victims but this is NOT the solution.

Lyberator5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

They spelled PRACTICED wrong. lol

"I knew he was playing the video games but we didn't really know what went on in them, how brutal and graphic they were."
- Then you know what, his parents should have been more vigilant. The game was rated that way for a good reason.