Lost Planet 2 - PS3 Vs. 360 Video Comparison

See the console visual differences for Capcom's cooperative shooter.

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jack_burt0n4023d ago

didn't ign score down the ps3 version yet that comparison makes the ps3 look better, the only tearing on that vid is on the 360, the lighting also looked better on ps3.....

whatever, coop demo was sound, versus 1 was a load of sh*te imo.

Kleptic4022d ago

only thing that matters to me is that LP2 looks a lot better than LP1 did on either system...especially the PS3 port of LP1 being nearly unplayable...

demo was ok, but nothing overly special imo...i'll probably rent it at some point...or most likely completely forget about it...

Das_Bastardion4022d ago

It DOES look better on PS3, why the stupid media keeps the futile attempt to make the 360 superior? I cant understand! the only logical reason behind it is that M$ is INDEED giving money to those websites.

Anyway, the Console War will not finish, M$ will not retreat nor Sony, so fvck it with the reviews of pseudo journalist, it only proves that there will be no winner this generation or the next

Also they will never accept that the PS3 is the superior console either, some hundred bucks depend of it.

EvilBlackCat4022d ago

to all dumb fncktards saying one looks better than the other

BOTH look the same to me judging om that video

but to make this interesting JUDGE both games this way

Xbox360 version on a samsung LCD and the ps3 on a sony LCD

scofios4022d ago

wath did you expect from IgnorenceGN ?

Christopher4022d ago

I'm confused... I don't see anything there that would denote a whole 2 point difference in graphic quality between the PS3 and 360 version. Yet, IGN's reviews says that the graphics of the PS3 in movement make it harder to play and give it a 7 compared to the 360's 9?

To my own eyes, they look practically identical other than one is a little 'brighter' than the other in some scenes.

Jack Klugman4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Bah, get your eyes checked or actually see it in person. they are really close to the same but once again performance problems on the ps3 vs 360 and the 360 gets the edge.

keep denying it all you want and keep hoping sites like or whatever continues to play interference before the legit comparisons. but as IGN was clear on the winner.

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knightdarkbox4023d ago

I though it was the most impressive looking game to me, and it was multiplatform. Most of the games I own in 360 are multiplatform. I you refuse to buy multiplatform, you are missing out on a lot of amazing games.

Boody-Bandit4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

that you think Lost Planet 2 is the most impressive looking multiplatform game you have seen so far?

The original was a decent title. Nothing overly special but I don't regret purchasing it. LP2 demo was extremely disappointing to me. I actually think it's a bad game and most reviews feel the same. With that said I don't understand why there are comparison articles covering this title. It's not even an average game. I wouldn't even rent it or play it if someone loaned it to me or gave me a copy.

edhe4022d ago

What if someone gave you 4 copies and you had 3 friends, party chat & beers on the go?

Sounds like fun to me.

Wouldn't buy it if i didn't have coop buddies.

Boody-Bandit4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Nice one edhe!
Brews, buds and gaming?
Hell I'd even play the Wii in that scenario.
+Bubble to you for making me laugh and proving me to be slightly over zealous in my comment.

Pennywise4022d ago

Just proves how low your standards are set. You have obviously never seen a PS3 exclusive on a HIGH-DEF TV. I buy multiplatform games and they just can't compare.

I do agree that you will miss out on good games if you ignore multiplatform games, but there is only ONE multiplatform game that doesn't dumb one version to equal the other... FFXIII

guitarded774022d ago

That's not a fair argument... everything is more fun with beer and friends.

MGRogue20174022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

immature fanboy games & console wars aside.. PS3 is clearly the winner here.

But hey! .. It's no biggy though, The game still plays the same & can be enjoyed on both systems so there's no problem here.

Das_Bastardion4022d ago

Nothing new to see here, move along people

Jack Klugman4022d ago

keep working on trying to convince everyone.. you got 8 suckers who are obviously blind and cant read maybe you can get a few more.

oh and 360 wins and this comparison and the score agree with me.

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