Sony’s Game Division Is Doing Pretty Good

Brian Ashcraft of kotaku AU writes:
2009 was a rough year for many companies. Sony’s video game business is doing pretty good, though.
While Sony has not yet disclosed its financial results, the company does expect a slight dip in its forecast and has issued a revision for the financial year ending on March 31, 2010. Sales and operating revenue for Sony are expected to be down 1 percent from what was predicted this past February.

However! Sony’s Networked Products & Services division (video games and computers) is doing better than the company had originally expected.

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Joule4708d ago

Its only gonna get better from here.

Redrum0594708d ago

It's been kick azz since 2008 and still keeping the momentum, as a matter of fact, they are not only keeping the momentum but they are constantly picking up the pace.
I can easily say that Sony knew what they have been doing from the start.

baconbits694708d ago

Gran Turismo 5
Enough Said.

Redrum0594708d ago

Playstation3 computer entertainment system
nuff said :)


The Survival Horror for Move enough said.

E46M34708d ago

how are they doing good?

Instead of making 1 billion usd loss for the year. They are expected to announce a loss of 440million usd.

So while its a good thing to announce less loss, however being in a loss is not a good thing.

Overall Sonys losses on the PS3 including the last year will be at 5.2 Billion USD. Sony needs to turn this around.

t8504708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

Dam people actually disagreeing on the fact that Sony does need to turn this around.

Financial reports from Sony will be out on Thursday. They are expected to post a loss. I dont see what shareholder will be happy about it.

Overall this console gen has been hard on Sony and Microsoft with each of them being around 5billion usd in losses.

commodore644708d ago

Yeah, I agree, I would not call this good at all.

I had thought the loss for ps3 stood at $4.7 billion?
That 5.2 billion figure, where did you get that from?

It just makes me wonder how Kaz Hirai was stating that the ps3 was making overall profits, yet every quarter the ps3 losses rise?

So does that mean Sony has been losing money on the slim overall since release?

The evidence would certainly indicate this.

t8504708d ago

They are expected to announce further losses on thursday. Which amount to 440million USD.

Add those up to 4.7billion usd and about 5.2billion is what you end up with.

bunfighterii4708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

I'm not exactly part of anybody's corporate cheer squad, but it's my job to monitor stocks and profit/loss forecasts....

I have no idea where you guys got your facts from because Sony Corp. is expected to post an operating profit up on expectations. Their gaming division is also posting a profit.

See the attached article:

t8504708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

Those are profits for sony as a whole. Doesnt change the fact that Sony games division is expected to post a loss on this thursday.

bunfighterii4708d ago

@ t850
There's nothing in that article suggesting its gaming division made a loss- if you read it says that they revised last years loss forecast due to stronger performance in consumer electronics which includes gaming in televisions.

commodore644708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

@ bunfighter

The 4.7billion and 5.2 billion figures are referring to accumulated losses that Sony has incurred on the ps3 until now.

Kudos to you for attempting some damage control.
It may be true that the ps3 is poised to post operating profits in the next quarterly report overall, but that doesn't change the underlying sunk cost.
For someone who purportedly looks at this stuff for a living, you seem to be missing a big chunk of the big picture.
No offence.

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sikbeta4708d ago

IF we talk about Games, Sony is The Best, Game after Game, keep getting better and better, if we talk about money, I don't give a damn, I'm a Gamer, not a shareholder

*waiting for GT5 + LBP2*

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Dylantalon14708d ago

i would like sony to buy insomniac game studios

dc14708d ago

Insomniac = quality

RememberThe3574708d ago (Edited 4708d ago )

I'm sure Insomniac was given the opportunity to be bought the same way Naughty Dog was. I think Ted Price likes the fact that he can basically do what he wants :)

dc14708d ago

Yet,.. wait you're right.. In fact I agree with.
I wish the the best for Naughty Dog and Insomniac. They're fantastic developers.

Max Power4708d ago

I thought talon standed for talented?

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