Why E3 2010 Is Likely To Suck, Except Maybe Sony

Jowin Okere of TheKoalition writes: Let me start by saying, I hope I’m wrong. But the way I see it, its plain to see that the direction every company out of the “Big Three” has been moving in, has been going further away from offering us, the gamers, what we need and want. How you ask? I can judge this by past E3’s, broken promises on every companies part, and what they have been showing us between the time of last E3 and now. And yes I know that E3 is always full of surprises, but its hard to imagine that with all the Triple A titles that have been released early this year alone, that any company will really show us anything impressive without coming up with something totally new (P.S. I’m tired of sequels). I will try to go one by one and lead up to the encompassing theme of my prediction.

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unrealgamer584704d ago

It's about to get ugly LMAO XD

Palodios4704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )

double post. Issues with the new n4g.

Trey_4_life4703d ago

Sony won't win, microsoft won't win, hell, not even nintendo will win, us gamers will win!

Palodios4704d ago

The author's reason as of why the 360 will suck is because they will focus on Natal too much. I wonder if he knows that the 360 has two press conferences scheduled-- one explicitly intended for Natal.

ShinMaster4704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )

There won't be two separate press conferences. Only one + a floor showcase for Natal.

All I know is that Sony delivers every single year, focusing more on first party titles than multiplats. That is all.

Other than that... I guess we'll see.

Xwow20084704d ago

"If MS would be acting like Sony, showcasing the Move, revealing games like LBP 2, Socom 4, WKC 2 etc before E3 people would call them desperate. Imo it's like they know MS has something big on their hands and are trying their best to steal the attention before E3".

u mean sony has a lot content that they can show some of them before E3,in the other hand MS has few things to show thats why they are saving them to E3.^^

pustulio4704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )


Is the same thing + palodios is still right the author says they will focus to much on natal when they probably won't talk about it THAT much because of the showcase.

The Wood4704d ago

youz failzsky

they obviously have more stuff to show. By showing what they can now they can allocate more time to other stuff, The only one whos desperate is me cause i cant wait to see what they have up their sleves

Lucreto4704d ago

Sorry it is just one conference for MS. The Natal event is a media only event where no photos and laptops are allowed in.

Denethor_II4704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )

Exactly, obviously there will be a showing on motion controls, but there will be a massive showing of hardcore games. If anybody truly believed it would just be a showcase for motion controls then no one would tune in.

@soda your predictions are worth shiite, didn't you just say a couple of days ago that LBP2 was fake?

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Palodios4704d ago

Umm, no, there will be two press conferences.

ShinMaster4704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )

There might be two conferences after all. But it is still unclear whether or not the public will have any access to the Natal one.
Which means there will practically be just one conference anyways.

The Lazy One4704d ago

The public doesn't have easy access to any press conferences. That's why they're "press conferences" and not just "conferences".

JeffGUNZ4704d ago

I thought the same exact thing. They already stated they will have one conference for natal and one for all the games and updates. I think this author needs to get their facts straight.

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secksi-killer4704d ago

which fanboy on here owns if this aint rubbish wrote just for hits from n4g, then i dont know what is..

anyway, im hoping to hear/hear more about socom4, kz3, r3 gt5, halo reach, fable and gears. these are the console exclusive games that interest me most.

i think both sony and microsoft will have a good e3 this year. i cant wait infact!!

Labwarriorbot4704d ago

Microsoft and Nintendo has disappointed 4 years in a row. What makes you think this time its different.

They barely have any games to show.

secksi-killer4704d ago

nintendo i cant answer because i have no interest in their games bar one or two. but i think microsoft have had some good showings, and 09 was a decent e3 for them aswell imo.

"They barely have any games to show" lol ok, i think its obvious what side of the febce you sit on with a comment like that

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mookins4704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )

I sense some feelings hurt here. Seriously, why would anyone expect more than one conference for Microsoft?

Sony has way too much to show for E3. I say, bring it on.

maxcer4704d ago

because MS sated they would be holding two conferences, one for natal and another traditional E3 style showing. do some homework and go find the article where greenburg states it.

mookins4703d ago

Microsoft said a lot of things and I'm not very impressed so far.

iforgotmylogin4704d ago

1 word 3ds.

Nintendo never disappointing when a new console cycle is starting.

imo sony just has move and some games.
same with microsoft. but ill sit back and enjoy e3 as a whole.

Hanif-8764704d ago

How can E3 not be exciting if theres a Xbox360 slim :-)


I predict this in the futher comments:

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NYC_Gamer4704d ago

expect alot of variety from sony like always..

Lord_Ranos4704d ago

Sony always have great anouncements at their conference.

WinterWolf4704d ago

Sony didn't accidentally leak info about LittleBigPlanet 2. They made it an announcement 1 month before E3. Now that's confidence! Sony doesn't need LBP2 reveal to make E3 a success, not with so many other Aces up their sleeves!

ULTIMATE_REVENGE4704d ago (Edited 4704d ago )

I can't wait to see the all new and improved Natal...

Oh wait! no cameras aloud lol