Ninety-Nine Nights Demo Available on XBLM

The latest demo to hit Marketplace is Q Entertainment/Phantagram's highly anticipated Nighty Nine-Nights. Thankfully, no one will be left out as the demo is available in all Xbox Live regions.

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bohemian 235397d ago

The game was okay I don't see why Japan is supposed to be so excited for this game.

xXbebofisherXx5397d ago

ive played the asian version of the full game and the american demo is showing almost everything to the t thats the same. very good hack and slash for anyone looking for a pretty looking and easy to play game worth the 49.99. i suggest you check this out. even ppl who arent fans would fall in love with this hack and slash becuase its just way to damn fun. go buy it reserve i dont care how you get just get it. lol.

Dustin_c_miller20085397d ago

i have seen videos of this game this looks lke its going to be one of the funnest games to come out on 360. when is this game comming out?

xXbebofisherXx5397d ago

august 15th here in the states. the game makes DW seem crappy. in the demo alone i got over 3000 kills. that should show how much fun it is. check out the demo. its awesome. audio kinda sucks though.

shotty5397d ago

Really good game, I like how you can level up your character and they get stronger and get better abilities. Keep the japanese games coming. Plus they are tons of characters on screen. I once used by orb attack and killed 500 at once.

jiggajayp5397d ago

This game kicks @$$ period!! ps3 who?

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The story is too old to be commented.