BBC Poll says over 80% want PS3 pricecut over games

Over 80% of 25,000 voters would rather have the PS3 lowered in pricing, rather than have a bundle pack.

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CyberSentinel4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

Sony's not listening.

Laughing At You Lemmings.

Blind Lemmings, Sony Loves You.

@10: Go ahead if it makes you feel better. I don't curse like some OTHERS have to resort to, on this website.

I'm just stating MY OPINION, and it was related to the news article.

besides, it's not that hard to create another account and start off with fresh bubbles. Do yourself a favor, and add me to your hate (ignore) list.

@16: Now you know why I call them blind lemmings.

@1.5: TyvM. I will have alot more fun then YOUR going to have THIS holiday season, since all your games aren't coming out until 2008.

beast4301d ago

Xbox360 has done sooooooo much to fix Rings of death problem... lets just give warranty and people still suffer . GET A LIFE

fenderputty4301d ago

Thanks man ... I'm a lot happy now then I was. Really ... that dude was awesome to watch and listen to.

bluhefner4301d ago

Cyber you're so desperate its friggen hilarious. HAhahah, Cyber U Mad? Its been a bad week for the 360 I know, I know It hurts. BTW good luck with your warranty have fun when Halo3 blows up your 360.

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Hayabusa 1174301d ago

Why would anyone buy the a PS3 with 2 games if those games don't interest them?

AnDy FrOm MiAmi4301d ago

Cyber you punk ass trick go post somewere else how bout this, just in 100% of 360 owners would like for microsoft to get thier heads out of thier ass and fix the 360's many problems! XD

Vojkan4301d ago

I think there might be true in what that "important" guy from Konami said, and he said there there will be one more price cut before Christmas. What does that mean? Well i think that one SKU that will cost 399$ is very possible, and it makes logic if they want to reach those "11 million units sold" by March 08.

timmyp534301d ago

when they all sell out at $499.. it would be good 4 them to drop the price of the 80 gig by at least 50 dollars.. or more

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The story is too old to be commented.