Sony Expects Loss to Narrow for Year

The Sony Corporation said Monday that it would probably book a much narrower loss last year in part because of cost cuts and better electronics sales.

Sony said it expected a net loss of 41 billion yen ($440 million) when it reports earnings Thursday for the fiscal year ended March 31. The result represents a big improvement from a 98.9 billion yen loss the previous year.

In its previous forecast released in February, Sony projected an annual net loss of 70 billion yen and an operating loss of 30 billion yen. On Monday it downgraded its revenue forecast to 7.21 trillion yen from 7.3 trillion yen.

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Kevin ButIer4885d ago

Get back to your Delorian, this is 2010

HolyOrangeCows4885d ago

Keep hyping Average Wake's DLC starter pack and pretending that it's the PLAYSTATION3 that's lacking in the game's department.

Crystallis4885d ago

I know some ps3 owners who have over 30 games and I also know some 360 owners who have less then 5. So does that mean 360 owners in general do not buy games?

The comment you made is the most invalid point I've read so far on N4G.

sikbeta4885d ago

Crystallis, you don't use logic with an idiot troll like this one, it's just a Waste of Time...

Figboy4885d ago

for the 360, i have Fable 2, Mass Effect 1 and 2, and some Xbox games like Fable 1, and KOTOR 1 and 2.

i used to have Crackdown, but got rid of it (more for new games, than for any reasons against the game itself, since i loved it).

i won't list the PS3 games i've had, but it was plenty. i get multi-plat games on my PS3 also, because i prefer the controller, and if the multi-plat has MP, there's no way i'm getting the 360 version, since i barely play online as it is enough to warrant paying for LIVE for those games.

free online play is a BIG reason why i stick with my PS3 when the mood to play online strikes me.

some people have an opposite collection; more 360 titles than PS3 titles, and there's nothing wrong with that either.

the problem is that people treat it as if it's BAD to prefer one console over the other. it's only bad when you baselessly bash the other guy simply because you don't like it.

i'm not a fan of Microsoft, but i AM a fan of Bioware, Bungie, Lionhead, etc, and other 360 centric developers that are KNOWN to make quality games. i'm supporting THEM more than i'm supporting Microsoft.

same goes for PS3 devs like Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Sucker Punch, and Santa Monica Studios. hell, if they were developing on the 360, i'd be right there with them. it's never been about the platforms as much as it's been about the games, and any extra features i can get that bring value to my purchase (ie, built in HDD, built in Wi Fi, free online, etc).

astar1234567894885d ago

ps3hasnogames.... are you nuts, ya then god of war 3 didn't sell any thing right or uncharted 2 sold nothing... why am i wasting my time on you... go troll on your box if it works..

ps i have over 30 games and more coming

Tripl3seis4885d ago

ps3hasnogames bro stop wit ur bullshit go play ur 360 or u have nothing 2 play at this moment

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anast30d ago

Great system, I still have one.

PrimeVinister30d ago

Me too!
I have an OG model and a PS One.
Of all the classic games on it, I end up playing PES 2 and F1 97 most though 🤣

anast30d ago

xD Nice. I get into Metal Gear on mine.