Gamespot review: Iron Man 2

Two years after his summer blockbuster tie-in game frustrated anyone unlucky enough to don the shiny red suit, Iron Man is back. The intervening years have given him time to reflect and settle down, making Iron Man 2 a more even-keeled experience than its predecessor. The punishing difficulty has been smoothed out, thanks in part to the sprinkling of checkpoints now featured in each level. Unfortunately, the exhilarating sense of speed that provided Iron Man's few thrills has also been phased out, leaving Iron Man 2 without any excitement to call its own. The few combat refinements create almost as many problems as they solve, and despite featuring a higher level of environmental detail than Iron Man, Iron Man 2 manages to look worse. Any improvements end up overshadowed by the ugly visuals and troubled gameplay, making this sequel even worse than its mediocre predecessor.

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booni34767d ago

what part of "Licensed games sell themselves to fans" dont you understand? of course its not a good game its a dam movie tie in. seldom to never have the two coexisted gracefully. seldom to never.

Rikitatsu4767d ago

The devs are no longer there, SEGA closed them down weeks before this was released.

mittwaffen4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

Bet the devs will be claiming this as a critical success!

BeaArthur4767d ago

Compared to the last one it is...and that is sad.

Doc Sony4767d ago

an Ironman game has so much potential but it needs to free itself from the movies, like Arkham Asylum.

Nicholas Cage4767d ago

they always suck! exept spiderman...

red2tango4767d ago

GOTY Confirmed. /s

I hope people didn't buy this game. I think people should boycott movie-games in order to force developers/publishers to produce games at a higher quality then what they are selling to consumers today.

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