THQ Cancels X360 Sopranos

July During its first quarter earnings call today, THQ announced it has cancelled development of The Sopranos for the Xbox 360.

The game was simultaneously being developed for PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 for release this holiday season. According to a THQ representative, the team found the 360 version wasn't shaping up to be significantly different than the PS2 version. THQ wanted The Sopranos for Xbox 360 to be a truly next-generation experience, but with the team split between systems it wasn't able to give the game the attention it deserved.

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Dick Jones5407d ago

If only more mediocre sub par ports would get **** canned before released for the 360.

andy capps5407d ago

I couldn't agree more, and I hope this trend continues with the PS3 as well. I don't want a bunch of watered down ports. EA can keep Madden, NCAA football, and all their other sports games that are mostly the same every year. And Nintendo can keep their watered down Mario derivative spinoffs that are released constantly. Granted, some are good, but those are very few and far between.

speed5407d ago

A wise (or wise-guy :-) move. Definitely the way to go. If you can't take advantage of the particular console you're working on then don't bother please.

Liverpool4ever5407d ago

I'm not sad though I like Mafia games. Because i've heard The Godfather is a great game, so I'll pick that up for sure.

Bill Gates I Am5407d ago

Where did you hear that? It's the biggest pile of monkey poo ever.

Liverpool4ever5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )
here.. and from someone that I know have the game. You are monkey poo , fool.

Bill Gates I Am5406d ago

You think 7.9 is a good score? You are more of a fool than I first imagined. Go ahead and waste your money.

Liverpool4ever5406d ago

Read the word under the score. Yeah, RIGHT.
GReAT... who's the fool? FOOL

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specialguest5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

hahahahhahaa oh man this is hilarious. with all the talk about PS3 game being cancelled left and right, now the tables been turned.

but on a serious note, if there wasn't a significant improvement from the PS2 version, then maybe it was a smart decision after all.

Lucidmantra5407d ago

I will give up the sopranos to get WWE Raw vs Smackdown 2007 anyday. Losing another cheap GTA rip off when we will have Godfather Enhanced (they are working o nthe bad aspects of the earlier release) is an ok trade for me. SInce PS3 wilkl not be playing WWE till next year

Nodoze5407d ago

The screenshots look horrid, and I really can't see how (on any system) this game would be a success.

Thanks for cancelling this THQ!

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