E3 07: The best and worst trailers

The "E3 trailer" is possibly the most important trailer a publisher can release. One trailer can generate an entire year of rabid fan hype. Despite the somewhat unimpressive scale of this year's "E3-in-a-shack," a foaming tidal wave of juicy trailer data has been clogging gamer's bandwidth for the last three days. So what do you watch? Let Games Radar be your guide - they have put the top seven best trailers of E3 2007 into a handy list. And, for a little contrast, they have also included seven of the worst trailers of this year.

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rowdy 14882d ago

games radar??? What the hell is that??

Daxx4882d ago (Edited 4882d ago )

Games Radar is just a website that trys to act all Hardcore when they aren't.

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kornbeaner4882d ago

No HALO 3. I thought the trailer was pretty kick ass.

yeah COD 4 is missing.

pwnsause4882d ago

yewa forgot abot COD4 that should of came at number 3 or 2

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The story is too old to be commented.