European Commission Probing Blu-Ray, HD DVD Licensing Deals

BRUSSELS - European Commission antitrust officials are probing the licensing strategies of two rival new generation DVD developers, HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc, the EU executive said on Thursday.

HD DVD was created by Toshiba Corp, while Blu-ray Disc was developed by a Sony-led consortium which includes Philips (PHG), Samsung and Sharp Corporation.

The two products will be battling for a share in the lucrative audio-visual market providing they can convince consumers they should upgrade from their current DVD standard.

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andy capps5058d ago

Doesn't the EU have anything better to do? Go slap some more fines on Microsoft or something.. :) Just kidding, everyone.

DG5057d ago

"We can do this like gentlemen or we can get in to some gangsta $#!T"

Pay up!

DJ5056d ago

the EU is taking down everybody! lol Why can't our government be that ruthless? =P