Bungie in Discussion with SciFi Authors

Dr. Jerry Pournelle reports on his blog that he and writing partner Larry Niven have had lunch with Bungie execs, to discuss the possible use of their stories as game material.  The use of "Legacy of Heorot" was one possibility discussed.
For those who are not familiar with the book, "Legacy of Heorot" is the story of interstellar colonists menaced by an indigenous predator that can move faster than the eye can see.

Other books by the duo include  “The Mote in God’s Eye”, a story of first contact, “Lucifer’s Hammer”, a disaster novel about a comet striking earth, and “Footfall”, a novel about alien invasion.  Both authors also have numerous solo works to their credit.

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Cyclonus5531d ago

Im reading these books right away!

Amazon, here I come!

shotty5531d ago

Bungie can't stay awat for the Sci-fi stuff.

slugg5531d ago

Have written some of the best sci-fi ever, in my opinion. Although Lucifer's Hammer is another end-of-the-world scenario, it is one of the most well thought-out, realistic ones I've ever come across. Likewise, Footfall is an alien invasion story, but way more realistic and interestind than most in the genre.... and, by the way, didn't Larry Niven write the Ringworld Novels, which were an obvious influence on a certain ring-shaped world called... Halo?

gaoptimize5531d ago

It would be one of the greatest pleasures of my life to play through Ringworld and Ringworld Engineers, and have "Known Space" become a francise in the SciFi gaming industry. I have followed Mr. Pournell since he was a facilitator for BIX, Byte Magazine's (RIP) Exchange BBS. I just assumed all these years that someday,Ridley Scott, Cameron, Lucas, or Spielberg, would discover these books and make a feature film franchise out of them. Games would be even better!

Does anyone know why the "Traveler" series of SciFi RPG never became a modern computer game?