Gears of War: The Movie Script in Cliffy B interview

Cliff Bleszinski himself will be the executive producer. A writer (Of the first Pirates Of Caribbean movie fame) has been hired and the gears are in motion for a feature length version of the acclaimed shooter.

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Daewoodrow4303d ago

it's good news, but after what happened to the Halo movie i'm not getting my hopes up.

the_round_peg4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

Peter Jackson is NOT and will NOT be actually involved in the making of Halo movie. Let me tell you how the system works: Microsoft paid Peter Jackson a huge sum of money to get permission to use Jackson's name as the "executive producer" for the Halo movie. Beyond that, Jackson has absolutely nothing to do with the Halo movie. It's called "attaching a project with a name". Except Microsoft is doing it the wrong way: you attach a name to get funding. You don't attach a name to get talents.

And seriously, no reputable filmmaker would want to get involved with a project based on a video game because of the stigma. Video-game movies have REALLY bad rep in the industry.

dachiefsman4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

"its gonna be hot".....come on cliffy you can come up with something better than that....

ugh I just got a mental image of paris hilton

Razzy4302d ago

Yup, Hilton, along with many other useless celebrities (Dr. Phil, Kevin Federline, Ashlee Simpson, The Olsen Twins, Dane Cook etc) Should be buried in a deep hole somewhere.

Daxx4302d ago

I sure hope this turns out well.

TheMART-sucksdick4302d ago

the Halo movie being on BLU-RAY.... Cant wait.