E3: Activision says Guitar Hero Still Relevant (Against Rock Band)

Next Generation sat down with Activision Senior Vice President of Marketing Bill Kassoy on Friday to discuss Guitar Hero, EA's competing Rock Band, and casual games for Wii.

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unsunghero284304d ago

Guitar Hero is a stellar franchise, but comparing it to Rock Band- there's really no competition. If it retails for the same price it just can't beat Rock Band.

Don't get me wrong, I (like just about every gamer alive) love GH, but Rock Band seems like the necessary evolution of that game into its next necessary form, and if Activision doesn't do something about that image then GHIII just won't sell next to RB.

Lyberator4304d ago

I don't think their argument about the price is relevant. What's GH3 retailing for $100? You get a guitar and a bunch of cover songs. For twice that you get drums, a mic, a nice guitar, and master tracks. Plus you can mix and match any instruments you want because they will pry be sold separately. This will make it the same price as 3. And IMO rock band will be a better online experience.

30ROCK4304d ago

Or Wii gets a gimped version.

The second I'm fine with. The first I'm not. Adapt it to Wii's strengths (being crap) and give PS360 the ultimate online versions.

jadura4504304d ago

why do you have to be so anti-Wii? Nothing you say is ever at all complimentary to Nintendo, and outright denying that the Wii does anything right isn't really fair, and it's not something that a normal gamer does.

Just chill and let's see what the Wii has to offer, OK? I think that the holy trinity could be some of the best games available in '07, and if they sell for the price that they do then they're totally worth it.

Basically, I'm just saying cut the speculation (and the general humbuggery) and let's rely on the final product for facts.