Engadget & Joystiq interview: Peter Moore, head of Xbox

Joystiq.comgot another opportunity to catch up with our pal Peter Moore, the man at the top of the heap over at Microsof'ts Xbox division. They chatted it up about the usual stuff: games, Microsoft's E3 presence, the 360 warranty debacle, and what's up with all the special edition stuff Microsoft keeps pumping out.

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TheMART-sucksdick5210d ago (Edited 5210d ago )

He has a good point.......Killzone 2 FTW

radzy5210d ago

that statement is taken out of context. read before assuming.
n4gamers are really letting this go through for what reason?
more and more i am getting sick of this site because of these story's , especially the title of the article.
if this continues to happen many mature gamers will go to some other site for info and news 4 gamers will be left with 10 year old fanboys that love to argue.
i will give you a bit of advice: "arguing kills the happiness of the heart".
to the administration of news 4 gamers get your act together.

Crazy Larry5210d ago

Exactly...who the hell approves this crap? That title is VERY misleading.

InMyOpinion5210d ago

Twisting the media worse than Fox News...

vitord15210d ago

at least he is honest but is true killzone ftw

J Allard 3605210d ago

Was submitted 8 minutes ago by a fangirl b1tch!!!

drtysouf215210d ago (Edited 5210d ago )

And if you look at most of the comments so far PS3 fans respect him more for being honest and giving credit where credit is due. This wasn't negative or flaimbait till you made it that way. I truly feel sorry for you that even when an executive from the company you love so much says something positive about the competition you choose to jump on the messenger.

Maddens Raiders5210d ago (Edited 5210d ago )

I got blasted earlier today for taking the most important part of a person's -spoken words- and putting them up as a title for people to see what the crux of the article / interview is. I.E. - get to the point. People want you to sugar coat things and make them soft and fluffy when it sheds a negative (seemingly0 light on their product of choice, but things were never like that pre-KILLZONE II for SNE. We're talking about simple symantics here....I mean did he not say that?

I thought gamers were made of thicker skin; I can't tell you how many mornings I've gotten up DREADING to read N4G news becasuse of another SNE mega-disaster / blunder. These things are quite cyclical guys. Look at the Ninty fans..they hardly have any news at all and they are content, and quiet, not bashing people all the time like us.

Stop whining and just move on -- you'll still be standing when this is all over, but right now it's SNE's time to get some love from the world ~~ MS you guys have had 2 years to make love to the world....don't be so damn selfish and condescending. Truly.


EZCheez5210d ago

I totally agree with you on this one. I think some of the Sony's exec's could really take a page out of this guys book when it comes to talking about their product, and the competition's. Throughout all of the conferences, I felt Moore and Harrison displayed the most human-like characteristics.

The only guy I found annoying from Microsoft during E3 was that loser who played football with Reggie Bush.

"I guess you'll play O and i'll play D, huh Reggie?! Ha, Ha, Ha!"

chitown5210d ago (Edited 5210d ago )

is that a picture of ur boyfriend who u take it deep with????

and moore is the biggest Douche bag ever. the playstation has a sick lineup of games even without killzone 2

R and C
heavenly sword
etc etc

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hazeblaze5210d ago

Moore is usually as idiotic as Tretton in his comments... what's happening in the gaming industry?!!! The execs are starting to sound more level headed!!!

But honestly, I think that KZ2 is a game that will make ANY PS3 owner proud (assuming of course that they're a fan of the genre). But there are so many games coming before KZ that I can't wait to get my hands on. Lair, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Uncharted, Haze, UT3, & Ratchet & Clank are all MUST haves for me!

Bubbles are greatly appreciated :-)

Snake_Doctor5210d ago

very surprising indeed. It sort of gives validation that KZ2 is on Halo's level. (I know thats reading into the comment a bit but not that much of a stretch)

EZCheez5210d ago

How can you not give positive feedback to someone who reminds you of some great games coming SOON?

Daewoodrow5210d ago (Edited 5210d ago )

Hazeblaze, I agree to an extent. Peter Moore is always good for a non-inflammatory interview.
Snake_doctor, you're just clutching at straws there. Peter moore praising Killzone means it's a good game, it makes no suggestions as to how it compares to halo 3 whatsoever.

Snake_Doctor5210d ago

Dae- True, but I sort of saw it as him saying this may move consoles. I think if there is one game people always talk about for the 360 that will have that effect it is Halo3.

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SIX5210d ago

..humbling to see Killzone.

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