PlayStation 3 GamesAid Charity Triple Pack Announced

"GamesAid, a UK games industry charity for children and young people, has confirmed details for the GamesAid Triple Pack of games for PlayStation 3. The pack will be on sale on June 25th with an SRP of £29.99 with all profits going to GamesAid charities." -Yogev

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Nicholas Cage5179d ago (Edited 5179d ago )

give me a hug

vhero5179d ago

My SST has broken and my son loves it so I needed a new copy.. These games are £7 each normally new I know its for charity but an extra £8? Hmm... I will probably buy it though I only want SST and Tomb Raider. Still a god deal for people who never had any of those games.

Trey_4_life5179d ago

Well done sony on yet another generous pledge, it makes me proud to be a consumer of sony entertainment products when they go and do legendary things like this. Sony are the bob geldof of video games.

mastiffchild5179d ago

It's good that both MS and now Sony have done recent things for charity. Following up the kind of sponsored MW2 thing on Xbox Live this shows a desire to be seen doing something for charities and is a guage of how big the whole thing has become-how mainstream it now is. Bravo Sony and bravo MS as anything is appreciated where this kind of thing's concerned.

I'm sorry to Nintendo if I've missed something they've done(I'm pretty sure they will have done too)but have to say this is a good sign and hopefully won't be the last attempt to help out from the console platform owners around the world. Making it a deal that makes everyone a winner is al;ways a better bet than just asking for handouts, imo.

Paradise5179d ago

That's an honorable thing to do. Bravo GamesAid and Sony.

xaviertooth5179d ago

beware that site has malware.

MGOelite5179d ago

thats sorta poor... if they had games like LBP, KZ2 and Infamous then it would sell alot more and get alot more for charity

mrv3215179d ago

The only game I want is fuel, but man that's a good price.

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PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour announced

O-Games announces PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii wich will release in Q4 of 2010.

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ian725162d ago

I don't see the point in a darts game for consoles. I have a proper dart board and darts which is way better than playing virtual darts on a console. Its cheaper to buy the real thing than a game, and you don't need much room to set up a dartboard. Its not like pool/snooker as you need a lot of room, and pool/snooker tables aren't cheap either, (for a good set up).


HBO hits the PlayStation Network for PS3 & PSP

Gaming Age: "Apparently, the PlayStation 3 and PSP are now the first gaming systems to provide for HBO programming. And surprise, starting today, you can download episodes from pretty much all of their popular series (True Blood, Big Love, Entourage, Eastbound and Down, The Sopranos, Sex and the City, The Wire, Rome, Da Ali G Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Flight of the Conchords), with more coming every week."

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TheHardware5163d ago

they throw in a super discount (when you become a PSN+ member) this might make more sense....

tdogchristy905163d ago

Wish they threw in some of there mini series like Band of Brothers.

Christopher5163d ago (Edited 5163d ago )

Wish there was an option to buy complete seasons of shows at a reduced price rather than everything costing a straight amount. Even iTunes has this feature and it makes purchasing multiple videos a lot easier and is a big incentive to buy multiple episodes rather than just one or two.

Socomer 19795163d ago

That's gonna sell well with the Rich People who enjoy thier PS3. Same high class society that bought MLBTV.

N4BmpS5163d ago

That's a pretty good move for Sony. Now they need to get a few other things on there.

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Look out Xbox Live, PSN+ Eclipse is Near

The rumors continue to flood video game sites and blogs regarding the anticipated PSN+ announcement for E3. The PSN+ is the supposedly PlayStation Network premium services that will offer much more content for a monthly price. But how much more content are we talking about? And how much are you willing to pay for it? How does this match Xbox Live? But most importantly, what do gamers want to see on this service?