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The latest EDGE review scores include Super Mario Galaxy 2, Alan Wake, Lost Planet 2, Nier, Split Second and much more.

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Valay4711d ago

Weird that they didn't publish the actual Sin and Punishment 2 review in the latest magazine since that's out in Europe now. Anyway, very pleased with Galaxy 2's score. The game is looking just as good as the original, if not better.

blitz06234711d ago

Damn I was hoping for a Red Dead score, but whatever. Expected scores from Edge. I thought Galaxy 2 would get a 9 though.

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solideagle14711d ago

Split Second – 8
Cave Story – 8
WarioWare: D.I.Y. – 8

are better than alan awake :S
edge always give 10 to mario game hmm thats the pattern hmm hmm


AEtherbane4711d ago

Mario games are fun, weather you like em or hate me, there always really really fun to play, and inst that the point of any game? To have fun playing it?

Christopher4711d ago

Fun is subjective. I've yet to enjoy a Mario game since SMB3, personally.

schlanz4711d ago

Honest. I actually feel sad for anyone who can't have fun playing the likes of Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Galaxy, and even Sunshine.

Every canon Mario game I've ever played has been fun almost from beginning to end. Galaxy is one of the greatest games of all-time, the scores for it do not lie. Galaxy 2 will certainly be as good; I have no doubts though that many will find it even better.

Christopher4711d ago

It's not a matter of "can't," it's a matter of haven't. Some people just aren't into certain type of games. I'm not into racing or sport games, so I don't get enjoyment out of them typically. A lot of people would have said the same thing you just did for me not enjoying GT4 or Forza.

I'm not unhappy about not enjoying them, since there are my type of games out there that I do enjoy.

schlanz4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

Racing and Sports games aren't nearly as accessible and beloved as Mario and platformers in general. I don't really care for racing or sports games either.

So I'm confused then. Are you saying you just aren't a fan of platformers in general? And I honestly find it astounding that you could have fun with SMB3, but not SMW which is 10x the game SMB3 is.

As far as platforming goes, Mario is the supreme emperor. Always has and still is, and probably always will be. To not like Mario is to not like the platforming genre.

Christopher4711d ago

I'm not a fan of Super Mario platformers. I find them boring to all heck. Give me Prince of Persia 3D and similar platform/puzzle games and I'm in love. But Super Mario has bored the heck out of me.

Syronicus4711d ago

Um, if you "hate" the game, I am sure it is not "fun" to play. And no, Mario games do not deserve 10's, pure and simple.

Rainstorm814711d ago

But SMW and SM64 were great games.....IMHO Everything after SM64 has been a rehash....Sunshine & Galaxy seems to be more of the SM64 gameplay with new power ups, thats why i got bored with both because i feel i have outgrown (as a gamer) Super Mario games.

I mean Come on we have been rescuing Princess Peach for over 25 years now. Any other game would get bashed into oblivion.

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bootsielon4711d ago

Of course it counts, EDGE is biased in favor of 360 games. When a PS3 game scores a 7 on EDGE, and a 360 game scores a 7 on EDGE, it's obvious which is the better game ;)

mikepmcc4711d ago

It honestly looks like they're siding with Nintendo here...SMG2 gets a 10, and Skate 3 gets a 7? WTF?

eagle214711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

Yeah, Sin and Punishment 2 already got a 10 from Eurogamer Italy and a 9 from the regular Eurogamer...Super Mario Galaxy 2 is going to be awesome. Wii has crazy awesome scores lately. :)

vhero4711d ago

Galaxy a 10 though?? No game ever deserves a 10 as that would say its perfect and EVERY game always has somewhere it can be improved.

InfectedDK4710d ago


Well I guess I was right back then about Alan Wake:

But also, they did score 3D Dot Game a 6... :/

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-Mezzo-4711d ago

Alan Wake (7/10) thats low, while Split Second Review score is great. :D

deadreckoning6664711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

I'm looking forward to Split/Second as well dude!
Btw, since Alan Wake got a 7, it seems a "certain group" on this site can OFFICIALLY stop proclaiming Edge as biased.

First they say that Edge are 360 fanboys and now they are Nintendo fanboys smh,the irrational mentaility of fanboys..facepalm/

The Wood4711d ago (Edited 4711d ago )

Edge are bias....only simple minded people would think that a site would be 100% bias ALL of the time or that one anomaly disproves years of trends....damn

Anyway here's some data for you to mull over... Lets see if you have a smart ass answer for this offense but your continual belittling of one side wreaks. ALL fanboys are silly not just one sides


please read then get back to us about facepalms

Homicide4711d ago

"please read then get back to us about facepalms "

I'm still facepalming.

It's funny how a certain group is always screaming bias when they give a PS3 exclusive score lower than expected. However, when that same site gives it a high score, all that bias talk is no more.

flanker224711d ago

problem is that alot of sony/playstation sites will give increasingly high reviews which get accepted by metacritic which then inflate the metascores. look around alot of the perfect scores are given by sites with "PS" in their website.

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mrv3214711d ago

I played the demo and it felt like MW of racing, in the sense I can easily see the next game have tags, upgrades all that. I'd love to have like tag thing when it tells you the three people you just killed. I'd like a kill feed on the bottom left and more of barge system, like wheelman I suppose.... or burnout.

Split second is not complicated while not being silly. Multiplayer will end up being good if it down lag.

Jerk1204711d ago

Don't click the article if you don't like EDGE. -_-

BubbleSystemSuck4711d ago

Wats is wrong with this Staff... why Edge, why?

Baka-akaB4711d ago

why ? because being negative without much coherence , even withint the confine of their twisted review systems , and without real reasons , is what pass as rebel and edgy .

BubbleSystemSuck4711d ago

lot of desagrees... but i dont think Alan Wake, or Lost Planet 2 deserve that score.