Quantum Theory 'is not a Gears clone'

Tecmo Koei boss Yoshiki Sugiyama has said that, despite all the comparisons to Gears of War, Quantum Theory has important elements that make it unique.

"If gamers assume they know what awaits them, if they assume Quantum Theory is going to be just another shooter, they're going to be surprised," said Sugiyama in an interview with CVG.

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The_Zeitgeist3089d ago

Definite rental and prob nothing more.

Inside_out3089d ago

They lost me at " spectaculary acrobatic partner "...

Chubear3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

when a dead on ringer of a clone game in Dante's Inferno surfaced, there were tonnes of people who said it didn't matter. That the game will be awesome and even better than GoW3 even though it was a complete blatant rip-off of Gow1,2,CoO&demo showings of GoW3.

..but as soon as a game that seemingly "rips-off" a 360 exclusive in gears comes along, then it's ragged on to hell.

Hey, to me, what's been show so far of QT has been crap but the only thing I see similar to gears is the bulky main Xter & weapon designs. Everything else is very different from colour platte, art direction, support Xters, environment and co-op SP campaign gameplay while Dante's Inferno was a DIRECT rip.

What I see hear is, if a game's rippin' off a well known PS3 exclusive in hopes of toppling it, then it'll be supported by many naysayers... but a rip off of a well known 360exclusive and people want to make sure they kill it.

Just my observation. E3 is round the corner, maybe the game's improved significantly, maybe not but regardless, I see the pattern here lol

The_Zeitgeist3089d ago

You are delusional dude. I don't speak for every one here but I can vouch for myself. I think the game looks weak plain and simple. Having said that I will say I have never even played Gears of War. I own a PS3 and a Wii and plan on adding a 360 to the collection soon.

BiggCMan3089d ago

hes not delusional. hes right, no one hated on dantes inferno cuz it was an EXACT clone of god of war, yet people are bashing quantum theory left and right. im not saying the game looks great, it looks alright, but regardless, if it is like gears, or even an exact clone, WHO CARES?? gears is well popular, so why not have somethin similar on ps3? wtf is everyones problem, video games are video games, the more games that are out there, the better!! you could say every shooter is a rip off of an older shooter if you go by most peoples logics, or every fantasy rpg is a rip off of an older fantasy rpg.

GameOn3089d ago

Dantes Inferno got loads of hate for being a GoW clone. Much more than this game is getting. Trust you to have selective memmory.

sid4gamerfreak3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Dantes inferno was bashed like hell. DOnt pretend you sony fanboys know anything about it.

COnsole fanboys are such hypocrites

boysenberry3089d ago

Typical 360 fanboy behavior. Xbox 360 exclusive? Best game/ graphics ever!! PS3 exclusive/ multiplatform? "X" game rip-off. Flop!!

JoySticksFTW3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

So what?

I have a 360 and absolutely love Gears. More Gears with a twist is only a good thing if done right.

One of my favorite franchises in gaming -- Uncharted -- could be considered the love child of Tomb Raider and Gears. So what? As long as it's good.

Chubear's right. There were a lot more people praising Dante's than bashing it as a rip-off. In fact a lot of 360 fanboys tried to champion the game, like PS3 gamers wouldn't get the chance to play both Dante's and GoW -- just like they did with Prototype and inFamous (Even though I'd say Prot was more of a Hulk clone, but you know what I'm talking about).

Saint's Row. The Warriors. Bully. All GTA copies but fun games.

BTW, Can't wait to get my hands on that blatant Zelda rip-off 3D Dot Game Heroes. It looks like good fun :)

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ThanatosDMC3089d ago

Exactly. We all smell BS from "is not a Gears clone".

HammockGames3089d ago

Being compared to Gears is probably way too optimistic for this game.

Just speculation, but I think the ESRB designation will either be "MC" (Mega Crap) or "N" (Nobody should ever be forced to play this damn game).

8thnightvolley3089d ago

the game screams mediocre all the way.. and as far as i see it will likly flop..

Tempist3089d ago

Why so serious everyone?

No one has high expectations for this game. It is basically Gears of War, but you know what? You're going to find out this game isn't taking itself seriously and it's going to be quite funny in the end.

The 09 E3 Trailer proved how hilarious this game is going to be. That funny edge is what it has over Gears however, which tries to force you to feel emotional over anything and everything.

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Silly gameAr3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Hell. At this point, I would call it vaporware instead of a clone of any game.

Feels like I've been waiting for this game as long as FF13.

TheHater3089d ago

all of a sudden ever 3rd person shooters that comes out is a gears clone? So you are telling me that we should ignore every other 3rd person shooters that came out before Gears?

Sarobi3089d ago

call it a Uncharted clone if that floats your boat? LOL /Sarcasm/

TheHater3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

be known as itself and not a label as a clone by the media and idiots fanboys.

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Odin7773089d ago

What gets me is that the main male character has the gears 'roid rage look to him and it [seems] to have similar gameplay from what I've seeen, granted I've not seen much of this game.

simplyRealistic183089d ago

Come on any kid can see that this was heavily influence by gears, any ps3 fanboy can look at this game and say it will be S**T

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cmrbe3089d ago

its still coming out.

spunnups3089d ago

A clone would mean this game will be pretty good, but it's going to suck.

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