AICN: Sony "won" this year's E3.

So, Sony "won" this year's E3. What an odd turn of events?

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Maddens Raiders4301d ago

this guy comes out and bashes MS and Ninty for having boring presentations and nothing really new excpet for NInty's WiiFit and the Contra game he wants to play on the DS, then he says SNE stole the show partly in part because of HOME, the NCSoft acq, and The Unreal Engine PS3 optimization project.

When it came to the KZII presentation he said it only looked like an upgrade to Resistance!?!? LOL wtf are you serious mate? Well I guess everyone's got their own interpretation, but at least he's got the outcome right.

sony fan4301d ago

No matter how poor sony's presentation is we will all say it was the best anyway because we are sony fans, and we are all about sony's nuts.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4300d ago

Grow-up Dude or get some new material!

Sony had a great showing but killed it a little with the whole 60 GB fiasco.

sony fan4300d ago

All I do is copy what real sony fans say to show how retarded fan-boyism is. You welcome to become MS fan and do the same. I will probably be MS fan in a week or so. If you think I need material tell that to your fan-boy brothers.

CyberSentinel4301d ago

KZ2 looked really good. Where was the FFXIII info? New PSP is also ok.

Satanas4301d ago

FF is to be at TGS...I hope they have something new, they only have one trailer for it. Yeah the new PSP was alright, not definitely buying one or anything, but I may check one out.

Maddens Raiders4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

cyber is that really you or you're sane brother stealing your account? That was the most logical comment I've seen you post in 10 years and you didn't even use the "L" word. Bubbl3s up for you mate ( wow, just wow.

Itachi4301d ago

dude are you seriously ok man what happened you didnt get hit by a car or anything

i agree with maddens raiders that was the most logical thing you have ever said on this site

bubbles up man

bubbles up

weekapaugh4301d ago

dammmmmm, cyber. nice comment. bubble for ya...

Why o why4300d ago

im sure you'll hit us with the sucker punch tomorrow joke +1

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MyNutsYourChin4301d ago (Edited 4301d ago )

I think claiming a winner at E3 is adolescent and "fanboyish" for a lack of a better word. Everyone has their hopes and their expectations and when such things turn up empty, opinions change and the mud-slinging begins.

With that being said, this is the first article I've read which favored Sony's conference over the others. Of course this is not a respectable and credible source but it still has merit.

ChickeyCantor4301d ago

Why do people care?
you cant win this because each console is a winner to each fanboy anyway!

TheMART-sucksdick4301d ago

Ms did a good show too.... Moore with rock band was a good laugh

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