Halo 3 the grand finale and Bungie's new plans

People who paid attention during E3 knew that Halo 3 was going to be the final installment of the current Halo trilogy. But according to Spong this fact was entirely overlooked or disbelieved by most Xbox 360 fans. It turns out to be true however.

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Marriot VP5405d ago

halo 3 doesn't have to be the final halo game, nothing's written in stone. If they want to continue the franchise they've said that this was the final arc chronicle....other chronicles are possible.

It's hard to believe that they would stop such a huge juggernaut halo's became.

pbo2m35404d ago

They said that the trilogy would be done, not halo itself. I find it hard to believe that they would end something that brings in a huge amount of cash and I don't think that MS would let that happen. It's to big of a franchise.

Nodoze5404d ago

Am I the only one a bit concerned that Bungie is straying to another new IP? The track record has not exactly been great with other IP's. Games like Oni stand out as complete failures.

I can understand the want to explore new territory, but in this case they should maintain a team of Halo die hards for prequels, or other story arcs.

We don't want another Rare developing for MS. What a useless purchase that was. Nintendo laughed all the way to the bank.

Lucidmantra5404d ago

yeah I guess the fact that they also made Myth, Myth II, and Marathon (on the Mac) would be hard to remember. Bungie was around before Halo and they will continue to be around because they provide quality titles. I would rather they end it and not continue making titles that are less and less relivant to make a few bucks off a largely stagnant IP (Hello Tomb Raider, hello most EA games) leave Halo with a big bang and let it be as a great series.